Sudden eye problems?, protect your drivers license.? driving license consp.

Got a mild stroke in my left eye. I can still see well with both eyes open. (That was actually fascinating for me, that the body tries to compensate and “fills in” the missing info for the bad eye. Closing the good eye, my lower right quadrant is grayed out, and whatever I try to see at central vision now sits on a grey horizon. A nuisance but doable with concentration. Both eyes no problem.).

 I rushed to optomologist to get my eye checked. First thing, he diagnosed the problem. Second thing, his focus turns to my field of vision. On a hunch, I got the feeling something was wrong. This is when I firmly say, "No, we are not going that route, we are going to treat the ailment". Ignoring what I said, he now thinks getting blood tests is the best to do. I get them costing me 3 days of emergency time. Result, everything is normal. So now I say, "Ok, now are we going to treat the ailment?" He said nothing he can do.

 Doing medical research on my case, that is, on sites that medical staff of med universities use to communicate, I discovered my concern is real, and the first thing after diagnoses is to treat the ailment. The medical release said that there was a good chance of reducing the condition by 30% if action is taken immediately!!!!. So what's all this focus on field of vision? Well I think because the eye industry is in cahoots with DMV to get info on eye conditions of people with drivers licences has the first priority.

 Thought I can make people aware of this before they go for eye exams. Insist on treatment first, not second priority. That should put pressure on them let them know we are onto the trick.

I see.

I think I see about a quarter of it.

Ok, more MPSIMS, really.

How does the DMV compel them to go along with the scheme and not snitch?

How does the DMV profit by this?

Switch dr’s, get a second opinion instead of a Google search. See if they agree with you concerning diagnosis and treatment. (Don’t bring up the wacky conspiracy theory!)

Maybe I can shed some light on the situation.


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The DMV doesn’t pay out for getting less people to drive, they literally make their money from drivers and registration.

If your eyes are such that you can’t see well, then I don’t want you driving. People like you who won’t give up your license voluntarily due to illness is why the government should take it from you, or would you prefer that happen when you kill a family of four because you didn’t see the red light?

I wasn’t aware the eye doctors would notify DMV. I guess that would vary from state to state.

I got shingles on my scalp, forehead and in my left eye in 2003. The eye drops to fight off the virus made that eye sensitive to light. Driving was difficult because the sun’s glare blinded me more than usual. I kept my driving to a minimum for several weeks. I have scarring on that cornea and still require yearly visits to the ophthalmologist. But vision is good with my glasses.

thank goodness no one ratted me out to the dmv. would have been a PITA to get my license back

Sorry for your difficulties, but really, if this was the case it would be a HUGE HIPA violation.

I’m sorry for your eye problems, but I do have a friend who only has the use of one eye, and he manages to keep his license and drive just fine.

I wish this was true because then someone could finally, once and for all, keep my father off the road. He’s had numerous accidents and come so close to an 18 wheeler that it clipped the mirror off. Finally, he doesn’t drive a car anymore, but he’s bought a four wheeler. My only consolation is that if he does have an accident, the only person he will kill is himself.

I have a number of family members who are blind in one eye. (I hogged all the good genes :cool:) They all still drive with little or no hassle from the dmv.

what sort of symptoms did you have to know it was a stroke?

I am confused as to what the complaint is. You went to the optometrist (not ophthalmologist, correct?) with a problem in your eye. The optometrist diagnosed the problem (which was…?) and then wanted to test your visual fields. Setting aside that this chronology is backwards to me, visual field testing in a patient who had vision loss is a standard part of the exam. Then you wanted the optometrist to fix the problem, which may or may not be within their abilities, and from there you jump to a conspiracy with the DMV to… get information about eye conditions? I am already regretting typing this much since I suspect that I won’t get any further information here.

way to think positively! :stuck_out_tongue:

An old friend of mine lost an eye as a boy. The BMV says it’s not a problem; one eye’s vision qualifies you to drive.

In North Carolina you need to have 20/40 vision in at least one eye to have an unrestricted license. Vision that when corrected is worse than that makes the driver subject to restrictions such as driving on roads with slower speed limits, daylight driving only, annual reports from an eye care specialist. Here’s a list of states and standards.

You lost partial vision in one eye and your concern is your driver’s license?

Testing your visual field is part of making a diagnosis. Trying to find the CAUSE of the problem is part of the diagnosis and blood tests might well be part of that. Finding out if this is something that’s going to get worse or spread to the other eye is important.

And you’re worried about your driver’s license?

You can drive with just one eye, you know. I seriously doubt your driving privileges were ever in danger. Except, of course, you state you had a “stroke” which might indicate something far more serious.


This is, by far, the dumbest leap in logic I have yet read in quite a long time. Oh Noes! the DMV is in cahoots with Big Optical! Lenscrafters is giving kickbacks to the DMV…or…something?