Sugar absoption through skin

Every morning after I shower and dry, instead of using body sprays etc. I pour a small pool of vanilla extract onto my hand and rub it over my arms and chest. The to cut the initial stickiness I squeeze 1/2 a lemon into my hand and do the same.

It smells awesome and the stickiness goes away in about 1/2 an hour.

I was wondering if there may be side effects to rubbing sugar on the body. I know wasps like me but is there any danger or diabetes or weight gain from doing this.
I reckon it may exacerbate fungal infections and the like if I had any.


Vanilla extract is quite expensive in comparison to body wash. The substitution doesn’t make sense to me. Couldn’t you use one of those vanilla scented hair conditioners instead?

I assume the goal is to make you smell luscious to the opposite sex. I can only speak for myself, but I think your scent would only serve to make me hungry and I would immediately seek to leave the room and go get something to eat.

I also think chocolate sauce would bring better results. Sure it’s sticky, but all you really need is a dab behind the ear. Stay away from the small of your back. That can be misconstrued.

I once saw female Jell-O wrestling, some of the gals do it on a regular basis and none of them were over weight. Jell-O has a lot more sugar than what you are rubbing on yourself.

I just prefer experimenting with natural stuff. I got the vanilla extract on special. I slice ginger too and rub it all over. Warms you up for 10 minutes.
Thanks for the replies

Vanilla extract typically doesn’t contain any added sugar. According to this chart, a tablespoon would contain less than 2 grams of carbohydrates, which even if it was all sugar and absorbed would be equivalent to a couple sips of non-diet soda.

While I suppose it might worsena fungal infection you’d need some pretty ridiculous events to happen in order to absorb sugar through your skin. To put it mildly, skin does not work that way.

You may be mistaking the evaporation of the alcohol for absorbsion.