Why is this lotion SO STINKY????

“Toasted Vanilla & Sugar” my ass! It smells like cheap bathroom deoderizer. It smells like that fake floral pukey smell that they put in urinal cakes (don’t ask why I know that smell)!


At least it isn’t as bad as the stuff I got for my purse. I was in the car with a friend when I tried that for the first time. We had to roll the windows down.

Why do they have to make the smell so fucking strong? AND SO GROSS??

A girl I used to work with had lotion that smelled EXACTLY like deodorant tampons. Exactly. Every time she put it on I thought it, and finally one did I had an intervention and told her. I mean, I’d want someone to tell ME if everyone was sniffing after me wondering if I was on the rag again. She was offended.

You know, you try to do a good deed…


Dear God, what DID you do before the internet was invented?

…before…? I seem to recall something like that… the memories are hazy…

Why did you buy a scented lotion without either using the tester (if the store had one), or at least opening the bottle to see if you liked the smell or not?

Because it was just a $2 bottle of lotion at the grocery store, and it had “vanilla” in the name, and I usually like vanilla scented things? Typically I don’t give much thought to it. Where do you shop that they have “testers” for lotion??

The one for my purse was the only “travel size” lotion they had at the time, so I didn’t have much option. I didn’t even look to see if it was scented or not.

Oh, Opal, I sympathize. I have a sensitive sniffer and I HATE when I can’t get rid of a nasty smell. But first - did you get that lotion at Bath & Body Works? Because if so, I know exactly how yucky it smells, and the truth is, it doesn’t smell all that bad in the bottle. It’s not until you purchase it and use it on your hands that the yuck comes out. (porcupine - if Opal was already wearing some fragrance, a tester in the store would have been futile anyway.) Advice for you, should you happen to get some on you again: wash your hands with coffee grounds. It REALLY helps get the yucky smell off (also works if you have garlic or onion smells stuck to you.)

And Zette, one of my dearest pals wears Fendi perfume. If you’re not familiar with this fragrance, I can sum it up in two words: bug spray. And yes, I had to break the news to her. What’s the name of the tampon perfume, so I can be sure to avoid it?

No, I got it at Giant Foods. And I never wear perfume, as I find it revolting :slight_smile:
Coffee grounds, eh? I had been just rubbing my hands around in the kitty litter box as it was a preferable stench.

Someone left some “unscented” lotion on the sink in the bathroom here at work. I put some on the other day after I washed my hands and it stank so bad!! I thought it was awfully nice that someone put the lotion in there, now I know it’s just because they want to get rid of it.

Lubriderm is the best for non-scented lotion. I use it because I don’t like scented lotions interfering with my perfume scent.

ARPAnet. Before that ham radio. Before that telegraph. Before that letter carriers. Before that smoke signals. Before that screaming really loudly. Before that grunting really softly. Before that rubbing our phlagellum up against our neighbors.

I used an “unscented” lotion once that smelled like biscuit dough gone rancid. Bleah.

I can’t seem to forget you
Your urinal cakes stay on my mind…

Cheap-ass supermarket lotion that smells bad?

The mind boggles…

Well see I have Suave “Vanilla Floral” that I got at the same store and it smells nice. The stinky stuff is Suave “Toasted Vanilla and Sugar”… SO WHY IS IT SO GROSS??

Opal, honey?

:::furtive glance:::: You are pitting HAND LOTION!

Oh my. I think I just ruptured something trying to stifle my guffaws at the workplace, where I’m not meant to be reading SDMB, of course.

Someone had my old office used a lotion that smelled like Band-Aids soaked in Lysol. I could never identify the culprit, only the region of cubicle farm where she (he?) worked.

Oh, how I wish I could recall the name- it was a Bath and Body Works one, though. Gah, was it NASTY!

I have not yet smelled a good vanilla toiletry scent. Vanilla Fields is probably the worst in actual perfume. What is a “vanilla field” anyway? They don’t grow in fields!

And when you get to vanilla-scented lotions and air fresheners, you reach the very bottom, the neighborhood of laboratory-created chemical imitation scents that they finished just before quitting time and said “that’s good enough…”

In that case,** Zette**, don’t worry about it. Knowing it’s a Bath & Body Works product pretty much ensures it will never enter my home with my knowledge.

As for decent vanilla fragrances, I mix my own. Seriously. A couple drops of vanilla extract can be mixed into a bottle of unscented body lotion.