What is your favorite cologne or perfume?

I use Cool Water. Just wondering what others use/like…

Wonderstruck from Taylor Swift smells amazing. I got a free sample with some foundation I bought, and I’ve already instructed my boyfriend to buy me a full bottle for my birthday.

Royal Lime

I’ve always hated ‘brand’ names. Just…hate it. Hate that the label will often mean more than the quality. It’s just…icky. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

20+ years ago, there weren’t many perfumes that I liked at ALL, branding aside. So when I was in a store once and this lady just smelled SO GOOD I had to ask her what she was wearing, and she said “Obsession”. :smack::smack::dubious::(:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a bottle of it ever since, and still really like it. Of course nowadays it’s a LOT easier for me, as a girl, to find what I like, because someone finally figured out that vanilla makes a good perfume. I used to wear the extract when I was little; now I can just go to Bath and Body Works and get a ton of stuff that I like. :slight_smile: I’ve always preferred lighter scents to heavy perfumes anyway, so that store suits me to a ‘T’, whatever that means.

Oh my gosh, that’s a really good idea. I love the smell of vanilla, but it never occurred to me to go ahead and just dab some of the extract on me!

I still like essential oils. Patchouli is my favorite, even after a friend told me I smelled like his grandmother.
Usually I wear the cleaner scents like Spring Rain or Dark Musk.
I have been known to clip a few sprigs of lavender and rub them on the pulse points.

If you’ve never been to a Bath and Body works, I highly suggest it! The perfumes are light, relatively cheap, and the variety is amazing. Think I have at least or 6 'Vanilla <something>"s on my shelf right now, lol. Vanilla musk, vanilla coconut, vanilla blackberry-something, vanila ‘noir’, which really smells like vanilla extract; there’s more, I think. I’ve also found I really like some of their other scents, too. Plus they have many of the scents in lotions that are good as perfumes on their own; just putting a little on your hands makes you smell quite delicious!

Opium. Two half squirts, no more, because it’s strong. Apparently, though, it smells great on me, because I keep having people come up to me and ask what kind of perfume I’m wearing.

Since it’s a male OP, I’ll say what my favorite guy cologne is: Pi. Or however it’s spelled. The problem with it is it fades quickly, which kinda sucks, cause it’s a subtle scent to begin with. But wow…just wow!

Chanel No. 5.

So I don’t wear it often - I only get it as gifts (like I could afford it??) and Christmas only comes around once a year.

Terre d’Hermes, by far.

All cologne and perfume makes me ill. Which is not to say that I dislike the smell. I wish I could wear cologne! I love White Shoulders and Diorissimo. If I could pick one, I’d wear White Shoulders every day.
My best alternative is orange flower water, which is inexpensive and smells awesome. In the summer you can keep it in the refrigerator and put a few drops on the back of your neck. You can sprinkle it on your laundry and make your sheets smell good.
This is not a threadshitting – I do have favorites.

Chanel N°5

I swap off between White Shoulders and L’Heure Bleue.

Dragon’s Hide, from Black Phoenix Alchemy’s Ars Draconis offerings.

I absolutely love Jessica McClintock - very citrusy and light - but it makes me sneeze.

Second best is straight Bergamot, but it doesn’t last very long.

There are some florals that I like as well; and some melony ones too. I’m all about the light, fresh scents. I’ll never comprehend people wearing musk of any type. It just smells like BO to me.

Charlie quit making their Oriental, so I guess Dana’s Tabu.

London Burberry…I always get compliments. And Light Blue from Dolce Gabanna.

Men’s cologne, Armani Acqua Di Gio.

This is the one that I came in the mention. Diosawhatever picked it out for me years ago and I’ve kept with it. I hardly wear cologne, but when I do it’s that one.

Absolute favorite is Ambre Soie from Armani’s Prive line. Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere to buy it on the internet anymore. I think it’s out of production.

My everyday scent for warm weather is Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes. I read an article about it in an airline magazine when it first came out (there is a book about it), but didn’t get a sniff until my honeymoon quite a while later. Love it. Dries down beautifully on me.

I love vanilla, but whatever vanilla-like-substance is used in perfume rapidly degrades into the smell of rotten spaghetti on my skin. I had a little sampler vial of vanilla absolute, and it was divine, but it has too short of a lifespan. 30 minutes, about.