Perfume: What would really attract you?

Every woman I’ve ever known has worn one kind of perfume or another: Obsession, Opium, Chanel, etc. Some smell nice, some are “meh”, some smell like the garbage can at a florist. But I have never smelled a perfume that turned me on or caught my attention (except in a negative way).

I’ve told my wife that the scents that I love have nothing to do with flowers. They are all food related. Fresh bread, roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, vanilla, steak are all scents that not only catch my eye (or nose, as it were) but also evoke a primal, visceral reaction. I need to seek out the source, track it down and devour it. I told her that if she really wants to turn me on she should put some vanilla extract or pumpkin pie spices behind her ears. About the only food exception would be an overpowering fish smell, if you know what I mean. :wink:

My wife bought me Polo cologne and says she likes the way it smells on me. Again, meh. But I’ll wear it because she likes it and it (occasionally) seems to get her motor running.

So, folks, what scents are your turn-ons? Would you like your partner to smell like flowers, pastries or new car? If your SO asked you to wear Eau de Cinnabon, would you do it?

I like Paris Hilton’s Easy Slut.

I am very scent oriented. Most of the big names would do it for me. I am not overly picky but I don’t care as much for the ones that smell overly girly or flowery. I have a collection of about 12 different colognes myself. However, it seems like very few men wear them. I can’t tell if it is just because I moved to New England or they just went out of style in general.

I’m generally not into cologne on men as it most of it smells pretentious and phony. I do love a nice clean soapy smell though. My SO has this men’s facial wash (I think it’s Suave) and the scent is very sexy when we’re up close.

Personally I like dabbing on a bit of perfume but only on special occasions. I like light citrus or floral scents. I used to love vanilla, but it was way too popular amongst girls in high school. I got sick of the hallways always smelling like a bakery.


If you want my motor revved, then use any of the following, in MODERATION:

Sweet Almond oil: My god, this mixed with a woman’s scent is intoxicating.
Vanilla: The real stuff, not the super strong sickly sweet crap.
Clove: Spicy, and mysterious.
Bergamot: See cloves.
Orange oil: Light, bright and clean.
Sandalwood: Hippy-ish, but nice on the right girl.
Cocoa and shea butter: luscious when mixed with the smell of the sea, forget the SPF this is where it’s at.

To be used in VERY SMALL amounts:
most other florals
alcohol-ish scents : makes you smell like rotted flowers and gin.
Pine and smoke scents: can be a great addition, but if you overdo it, you smell too mannish.
Perfumes that only smell like perfume: why? they reek.

Some of you may be interested in Demeter Perfumes. Scents include Chocolate Chip Cookie, Gin & Tonic, Almond, Wet Garden, Riding Crop, etc. Most are pretty faithful renditions, though they’re pretty much one-note.

Beer and cigarette smoke mixed with an underlying hint of chicken Rogan-Josh curry.

…or cinnamon

The sexiest possible smell on a man?

Warm cotton.

Neither my wife nor I like perfume at all. She won’t have any. But she does have a vial of orange vanilla oil. If she puts a dab behind each ear once in awhile, it smells like heaven.

My favorites on a woman are florals, citrus, and… whatever scent it is that companies call “linen.” Light vanilla can sometimes be okay, but I tend to not like heavy vanilla smells or most sweet baked-goods smells. Spicy smells on occasion are okay, but the overpowering “exotic” blends meant to invoke eastern Asia and such can smell rank. I’m not too fond of woodsy/leafy/grassy scents, incense-type scents (though straight patchouli oil reminds me of some favorite teenage crushes, so I’ll make an exception there). Frankly, though, I’d take any of the above over sickly-sweet body sprays that smell like fruit or candy.

All of the above, though, will vary based on the person wearing it. Perfumes smell different on different people, and some scents seem more appropriate in some circumstances than others. A slightly musky scent smells bizarre if I catch a whiff of it at school, but with a dance partner in a dark club, it can be kind of fetching.

The absolute worst women’s perfumes for me are the ones that smell like baby powder. “Babies!” is not the thought that I want in my head if meeting a woman.

(As far as my contributions to odor pollution as a guy, I wear Lauder’s Pleasures as an everyday scent, Pleasures Intense on rare occasion, and have Calvin Klein Euphoria as a “nighttime” scent.)

Many scents make me sneeze or my nose stream. Especially when they’ve put on a strong dose. Have you any idea how annoying and embarassing it is to go up to a potentially interesting woman and then start explosively sneezing?

No kidding. Some women (and men) marinade in it. I worked with one woman that wore so much I was sure she would leave a puddle if she stood still.

Narcisse by Chloe - just a hint. I get many compliments by both genders when I wear this. I need another bottle (just reminded me).

Sometimes I make up my own vanilla & cinnamon combo

SO wears Tsar(?) I like it

Hilariously time appropriate thread, I was just telling a guy friend about this phenomenon the other day. He had asked me what types of perfumes I like to wear.

When I was young(er) I used to collect expensive-ish perfumes from Guerlain, Dior etc…

What I came to realise with boyfriends: they liked cheap Bath and Bodyworks crap that made me smell like cupcakes.

My latest tactic: smell like cupcakes. Seriously, I’m just waiting for Cinnabon to bottle up that smell because every boy I’ve been with goes nuts over me smelling like cupcakes or candy.

So, even though I like sophisticated perfumes…these days I just focus on smelling like cupcakes and it hasn’t failed me.

ETA: and I no longer wear perfume, really. I just get a nice body lotion and it does the trick.

The Boy tends to get a little glazey in the eyes when I wear a pink grapefruit scent (the subtle and tangy Gap So Pink, may it rest in peace), though he hasn’t complained when I’ve switched it up with a sweet almond oil that smells like marzipan, or a vanilla-fig scented moisturizer - I guess he’s a sucker for the sweet baked goods too, like most guys who have chimed in so far.

As for me, I usually gravitate towards any scent that says “clean”, rather than anything obviously cologney. Give me a subtle whiff of Ivory soap or a clean linen smell and I’m yours for the taking. Woody/green fragrances aren’t too bad, either, if applied with restraint.

On a girl: Versace Red Jeans, Shalimar, Giorgio.

On a guy: Bay Rum

On me: Shalimar, Poison, Opium

All of which make me run for the exit. I concur with those who like vanilla/almond aromas. Food and sex…mmmmmmmmm.

I was coming in to say that people usually tell me that I smell nice when I wear a food-based scent (I’m partial to citrus-y things), but I see that pretty much everyone else has said that. I hate vanilla and cinnamon, though. They remind me of scented candles or car fresheners.

For “grown-up” perfume, I like Este Lauder Pleasures, which is a sort of musky floral. I just don’t feel right going into interviews or work wearing grapefruit body spray. It seems kinda high school.

On guys, I love the Adidas cologne that comes in the blue bottle. It just smells so clean and nice. In fact, if you smell like clean laundry, that’s pretty good too. Just don’t smell like a dirty armpit layered with Axe, and you’ll be safe. I don’t like leather at all. It reminds me of unloading hay in the summer. You can only smell like leather if you’re a cowboy or a leather worker, and if you’re a cowboy, you can smell like an armpit. I’d kinda expect it, actually.

I think you might be on your own when it comes to the steak perfume, though, Slypork. You might have more luck with butter and chives.

This seems like the place to link to a relevant article.

What always makes my fiance say “you smell nice” is my moisturiser. It’s not flowery or anything - more the scent of “clean”. The other scent that he (and my other male friends) seem to like is a mix of jasmine and green tea. I don’t like the very heavy perfumes like Chanel No 5 and Opium - they smell like old lady to me. I find that I’m drawn to fruity and foody smells - cinnamon, fairy floss, ginger, peach, fig, etc.

On men I like something fruity with a bit of spice. Something like DKNY’s Be Delicious. But just a hint of it - enough that I can smell it occasionally when I’m talking to him. It’ll suffice until someone releases a cologne that smells like the sweat of nursing mothers.

I prefer no perfume. Every woman has her own natural scent. Some quote from Scent Of A Woman would be appropriate here. But, I’ve never seen the film.