What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

I have recently discovered the glory that is Victoria’s Secret’s “In Love.” The scent is subtle, flowery, and still young. I also grabbed a bottle of “Pink” to be my everyday, jeans and tank top perfume.

It took forever for me to pick out which perfumes I wanted. I went from department store to department store, sniffing so many things that my head started to hurt. Most of the scents seemed overbaringly strong and often reeked of “Old Lady”. The “young” perfumes were generally so light that the scent would wear off within a few minutes.

My happy compromise were those from Victoria’s Secret. What scents do you favor? Why?

I can’t wear very strong perfumes and I dislike most scents anyway. They’re always too flowery or too spicy. My favorite is American Original and I seem to have lost my bottle of it. :frowning:

MY official ‘signature scent’ became Michael by Michael Kors a couple of years ago.

Before that, I didn’t really wear perfume everyday, and when I did wear perfume, it was usually Chloe, White Linen or Tresor.

My husband wears only Obsession for Men, which is now my favorite cologne, because it smells like him to me. He bought me Obsession a few years ago and I couldn’t really wear it. It’s just too strong for me.

Michael is perfect for me, Tuberose, floral, with a bit of spice and musk, not too light, not too strong. I wear the perfume every day, and when I wear shorts or skirts in the summer I use the leg shine and body lotion.

Both my husband and I go through our bottles of perfume/cologne in almost exactly one year. So every year for my birthday, I receive a bottle of perfume as a gift, and every year he receives a bottle of cologne as a gift for Christmas.

My 14 year old has become obsessed with Axe, which nearly makes me gag, but I must admit, probably smells better than a sweaty teenager.

Caylyx by Perscriptives. Its light, with a floral under note, and a grapefruit top note. Its clean and refreshing.
Men compliment me all the time when I wear it (of course, the conversation ends with “Thanks, my wife/girlfriend will love it.” :dubious:
Oh well, I’ve got mine…

My favorite is Trish McEvoy’s Mandarin and Ginger Lily. It smells yummy! It’s very warm and doesn’t smell perfume-y. My second favorite is the Body Shop’s original vanilla perfume–I don’t like the stinky musky version they have now.

I love Clinique’s Happy and Happy Heart.

Happy is citrus-y, Happy Heart is flowery. Both make me feel pretty. :cool:

Indian Gardenia, from the Body Shop.

Don Algodón, from some Spanish house.

Exclamation and Exclamation Noir, from Coty

Heaven from GapScents…

As you can imagine, I have more than one perfume, and I wear different perfumes for different occasions. :slight_smile:

Chanel No. 5.

The original, and still the best.

Mine is E. Arden’s Red Door. For some reason I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

My favorite men’s cologne is Ralph Lauren’s Polo - unfortunately it smells awful on my husband.

I like Lauren, too.

Romance from Ralph Lauren (I’d like to know why, when asked by people who know me well, that answer elicits hysterical laughter… :dubious: ), and Chanel Chance.

Hanae Mori Butterfly

I love the seasonal scents from Escada. I have Rockin’ Rio, Island Kiss, and Ibiza Hippie. Hippie is my favorite.

Oh, and as for why it’s my favorite: when I spray it on it almost smells like a delicious, fresh-cut strawberry, and it mellows into a lightly fruity sandalwood smell. Yummy all the way through.

I wear Chanel Cristalle when I can afford it and have an occasion to warrant it. Otherwise, it’s whatever Bed Bath and Bodyworks fragrance that I like for the time (white tea and ginger at the moment).

I’ve been wearing Coty’s Wild Musk since college – maybe even since high school, which I graduated from in '89.

It’s very cheap, and because of changes in my personal chemistry I’ve had to go from spraying it on me to spraying it on my clothes (my favorite trick these days is to saturate my bra with it before I get dressed), but I’ve gotten so many compliments on it over the years that I’ve stuck with it. There was a time a few years ago when I had trouble finding it and thought I’d have to pick another personal perfume, but I couldn’t find any other scent that I like as much. Everything else was too flowery/fruity/vanilla-y, or not musky enough, or something. I even tried men’s colognes, because I believe that some men’s scents can work for women too, but didn’t like anything.

It’s something I think about from time to time, actually: I’d love to go to a real perfume shop somewhere (if such a place exists), bring a bottle of Wild Musk with me, and say “find me something that smells mostly like this.” Until that happens, though, I’ll keep going to Target for my “cheap perfume.” :slight_smile:

(There’s nothing like being close to an attractive man who murmurs “you smell great” to make a girl not care about price or name brands. ;))

Chanel No. 5, which my husband, Suburban Plankton is more than happy to buy for me.

It’s just so classic.

Jil Sander #4 is my current fragrance. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find in the US. Thank Og for the internet.

I’m allergic to most commercial fragrance, and that which I’m not, Mr. Mad hates.

So, I wear vanilla. As in the bottle of brown liquid in your spice cupboard. I’m middle-aged, pudgy, grouchy woman, but men, women, children & horses all think I’m charming.

Apparently, Sugar cookie is universally alluring. :smiley:

I really like Red Door, but my sister wears that. And I really like White Shoulders, but my grandma wears that and I also think it’s a little bit too “grown up” for me. So, what I settle on now is Calgon body spray in waterlilies. Lighter than White Shoulders and a little greener smelling, it’s just about right to wear every day or whenever I remember.

Truth by Calvin Klein.

Their blurb says-

Bamboo, Wet Woods, White Peony, Sapling, Vanilla, White Amber, White Sandalwood
Inspirational and sensuous.

I may have to rethink this…