Sugar Ray: You are on Leno, TUNE YOUR GUITAR

I am watching Sugar Ray on Leno. They are doing the song “Something Wrong Around Here”.

Good song except the guitar is soooo out of tune it is not even funny. The top three strings are at least a quarter step out.



Sometimes when you put new strings on they can go out of tune really fast.

This should not be an excuse for band on national TV.

I wonder if anyone else has ‘Mr Bartender’ playing in their head 24 hours a day? Its a stupid song but terribly catchy.

If “Mr. Bartender” is any indication of what the rest of their new album sounds like, why bother to tune any of the instruments?

It wouldn’t help.

They were covering Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”…

This happens frequently because someone other than the band is responsible for tuning the guitars and a guitar gets tuned wrongly – or forgotten altogether and no one knows until the band is performing live. Sometimes, to make it even worse, someone will mistune one guitar and then tune the others from the from the first so that they’re all mistuned.

I once attended a benefit concert in which a number of bands were given the opportunity to perform one song. Clearly there was one person in charge of tuning all of the bass guitars; there were 18 bands playing 18 songs and after 9 songs with out of tune bass, there was a much longer than planned intermission while the rest of the basses were retuned. The second half of the show was 1000% more enjoyable than the first.

Sorry about the wrong song title.

Anyway, I made my living playing for a while. There is no excuse for being that out of tune except maybe an equipment faliure. [#1]

Especially if you are going on national TV.


#1. I was once playing a show and picked up my backup guitar between songs.It was way out of tune. I switched guitars during the first verse. It turned out that my backup had a fracture in the neck at the heel and wouldn’t stay in tune. I think one of the roadies dropped it.