Sugest a good razor for legs

I will appologize in advance for how completely pointless this is but it has been of concern to me. I need suggestions for a razor.

For the last few months I have been swimming every morning and consequently I don’t often shower at home anymore. This means shaving needs to be done at the Y. For a while I had a series of disposable razors, but they seem kind of wasteful. I then bought a Soliel razor that you can change the blades. The problem is that the blade keeps coming off in my swim bag and I fear that one day in my 6am preswim fog I am going to slice the hell out of myself. So that is sort of my dilema. Does anyone have suggestions for what kind of razor to get.

You could just get a plastic bag for your razor.

The problem isn’t the razor. What you need is a razor case. Look in the travel items section at Walmart or Target. The ones I’ve seen are mostly shaped for mens razors, but they could have one that works for your Soleil. Take it along and see if you can find one that fits. You could also get a small bag, like a pencil pouch or a small cosmetics bag to store it in. Either the case or the bag will protect your fingers and may even keep the blade on, though that might be asking too much of a razor.

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Everyone else is right that you need a razor case. No reason to have blades or even single-piece razors sitting open in your bag!

Since you’re shaving at the gym, though…have you tried the new Venus Breeze from Gillette or the Schick Intuition, which come with shaving gel/soap already on the razor?

Personally, I use soap to shave with (not gel) and if and when I shower at the gym I don’t shave there…BUT, if I did use gel and shaved at the gym I would look in to one of those just to escape the hassle of having to carry gel around and apply it in the tiny gym showers.

(note: you will need to get a case for those, too! :slight_smile: )