Suggest a fun Geek toy

OK, I have a few hundred dollars left over this month. Normally I would put this into the house or savings, but this month I feel like treating me.

I’m looking for a “toy”. Something to play with, to amuse myself with. Something to take up my time.

It should be fun.
It should be geeky.
It should inspire envy in other geeks.

Beyond that, feel free to suggest anything.

Remote control helicopter. US$22.99 + shipping

Same site, but get the USB Nerf Rocket Launcher.

Lego Mindstorms. With the additional benefit of when you make something cool, you can post it here and we’ll all be in awe of you.

Build a home theater PC. I built one in December for <$500, and it inspires the greatest of envy in all of my friends. I don’t have cable, so it doesn’t record movies, but for $10 more I could have had the hardware required to do so.

Handheld GPS. Does tons of fun stuff, especially this.

Might be a couple of months’ worth of “leftover money.”

Rubber band gun!

Go nuts. I recommend one of these.

How about a Klein Stein?

If you’re going to do this, get the $100 one with the built-in airsoft cannon.

Euler’s Disk

Good stuff, Maynard.

A big-assed magnet or two. Or a similarly-assed laser.

I have a couple hundred of these neodynium magnets, and I’m the envy of my coworkers. I really want to order some more.

I’m buying this. Right now.

Do not buy a Robosapien. Like most things from The Sharper Image, it seems pretty cool, but once you get it, it turns out to be fairly useless.

I’d try American Science and Surplus or United Nuclear. You can get Trinitite!

Like you can build a robot to solve a Rubik’s cube!

Nah, go all out.

You call that going all out? This is going all out.

Arduino. Google it and you’ll be hooked.

Squeezebox Boom. Fun and geeky.