Suggest a nice Stationary kit

I was planning on getting my S.O. a stationary kit as a smaller gift. We write sappy love letters to each other (she loves having me write her letters :slight_smile: ) and I thought it would be a nice idea.

The thing is, I want to make sure this gift is still practical yet not so ‘practical’ it looks like I bought it at a gas station on the way to her house. Any suggestions for websites/stores where I could look for something along these lines?

People don’t write handwritten snail-mail letters much these days, so I don’t know exactly how hard this would be to find. I know Barnes and Noble has stuff like this, but anywhere else?


They have kits like this:
(several color choices)

As well as specialty papers like this:
(purchase envelopes separately)

Don’t forget a nice pen!

More nice options at Ginko Papers:

This looks like fun… :slight_smile:

I like hand made note cards from Etsy.

Unless his letters are long enough to be called ‘novels’. Then he might want a few flyleaf pages.

Or he might be using movable type.

I’ve been ordering from this company for many years, and have usually (a few exceptions) been pleased:

Papyrus also does very good work:

It’s not cheap, but you can’t go wrong with classic Crane stationery:

You might also consider a lovely lap desk from Levenger

Yeah, I thought the whole point of KITT was that he moved around a lot. :slight_smile:

I use this one every day to Dope on the laptop. I bought this one for both my hub and step-son last Christmas. Love them!