Suggest a "Shooter" game for a Mac user

Pardon me for posting, but can anyone suggest a good “Shoot 'em up” game for the Mac? The last one I bought was Marathon: Infinity in 1997, and I can see that there’s been some technological improvement since then.

I’d prefer a more “realistic” game–More “real-world” weapons, rather than laser guns…although the occasional futuristic weapon or two wouldn’t hurt. And fairly realistic damage/injuries…No one just dropping dead after one shot, but not a game that has people exploding after being shot from 30 feet away. And mostly humans as the enemies, though a few non-human creatures could be OK.

And hopefully not too many maze-like or puzzle laden levels.

And also, the most important part…Easy modification. The ability to add new weapons, levels, and “Skins” to the game.

I have a Macintosh G4, 400Mhz, 128 Megs of memory (At least 328 with Virtual Memory).

Can anyone help find a game that meets my far-fetched and unreasonable tastes?

Alien Vs. Pred just came out for Mac.

Fairly realistic guns. I don’t know about the modability though.

Visit the forums over at MacGamer; I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice there.

(I’d suggest some, but I can’t really play FPS because of vertigo. Last Mac game I bought was Oni)

Isn’t there a version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the Mac? It sounds a lot like what you are asking for - mostly real WWII-era weapons, with a couple of ‘experimental’ ones thrown in (a tesla gun and a chaingun). Most of the enemies are human though there are a few levels that have non-humans (undead and cyborgs). Damage isn’t too realistic, but too much realism usually makes these games unfun - just know that on the humans a headshot will usually kill them, and the human enemies that are tougher than normal are generally wearing visible protection of some sort. The level design is great, no mazes, most of the levels are designed logically and realistically and some parts are modeled after actual buildings. No complex puzzles, mostly you just have to find the right switch to flip to open up new areas. As to modifications - the software developers kit hasn’t been released yet but since it’s based on the Quake 3 engine many coders are already working on mods. There are already dozens of skins and maps available for download.

Hmm, I just tried to find out what the system requirements were and I’m not seeing a Mac version. I could have sworn there was a Mac version…

Actually, Deus Ex seems to fit the bill on nearly every single point.

  1. Near future, plot heavy cyberpunk with lots of x-files-ish conspiracy stuff thrown in. Lotsa neato weapons (minicrossbows, assault rifles with 3 or 4 types of ammo, flame throwers, sniper rifles, you name it…)

  2. Damage is split across different damage areas–head, chest, left arm, right arm, etc, with appropriate effects if an area becomes too messed up.

  3. Based on the Unreal Tournament so it’s moddable. The community doesn’t seem very active, but at least there is a community.

  4. Missions are relatively flexible as far as how you complete them. There’s quite a bit of leeway during most of the game on how you can complete them–i.e. stealth, heavy weapons usage, trickery, etc.

Fun game. Gets a bit tedious during 50%-75% stretch, but otherwise worth a like, particularly since it should be fairly cheap these days ($20ish?). Not sure what the Mac requirements are, but you should be fine.

I believe it’s Coming Soon.