Suggest a TV series for me to start, thread the sixty-tenth.

Christmas is coming up and my wife asked me for a list. Not wanting a lot, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something, then I realized that starting a “new” show by means of buying season 1 on DVD then Netflixing/iTuning/buying the rest of it might be the way to go.

I would like to watch them with my wife so the following themes are out:

casual sex

(for example, I’m making my way through The Sopranos at night after everyone is asleep, because it so violates the above list. Sorry Breaking Bad aficionados.)

Historical dramas like Rome, science fiction like Fringe or Battlestar Galactica, and some of the A&E/HBO stuff (Mad Men, Deadwood… uh, I’m sure there are others) would be along the lines of what I’m looking for. Also, we have a region-free Blue Ray player, and the wife does like British stuff (especially Brit sci-fi), so any suggestions along those lines would be interesting.

So, talk 'em up! What are your favorite shows and why are they worth shelling up to $100 on the first season DVD/Blue Ray collection? (I am especially interested in opinions of the five shows mentioned in the above paragraph…)

Rome is really good, but contains non-trivial amounts of hookers and casual sex, or at least, casual rape. Deadwood takes places largely in a brothel, so thats probably out to. And Mad Men is basically about how people in the 60’s were not very good at marital fidelity, so thats probably not going to work either.

I like Star Trek: DS9, which is sci-fi and just became available for streaming on Netflix. There’s some romance between characters, but its pretty light on the casual sex. The newer Dr. Whos are pretty good sci-fi as well, family friendly and Britishy.

She and my daughter are massive Doctor Who fans - for Christmas, I bought Laura a DW prop, a shirt worn by Billie Piper, and Sophie’s room is a DW shrine, what with the posters, novels, toys, action figures, signed photographs, and all. Season 6 will be in Santa’s pile in a few weeks, and I guarantee the episodes will be all watched by the next weekend (by Sophie, at least).

Anybody have any good (or bad) to say about Fringe?

I never watched it myself, but a lot of SF fans liked Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 is great, but it takes some time to find itself in the first season, so if your family has low tolerance for sitting through six episodes or so of mediocrity, you may want to save it for your own personal viewing. However I do think it is the best example of a series with an overarching plotline and lots of buried hints in earlier seasons … it is terrific. (Except, IMO, for the last season. Originally contracted for 5 seasons, ‘cancelled’ near the end of the 4th, hastily wrapped up, then last-minute-renewed for a 5th season, so most of the plot had been used up already.)

Carnivale is only two seasons, but I thought it was fantastic. I’m not sure if it violates your “strippers”/“hookers” and “casual sex” restrictions, as I can think of maybe three or four scenes that feature those elements, but it certainly has less profanity than Deadwood and less sex than Mad Men, and it certainly isn’t the focus of the series. It’s made by HBO and yeah I think it’s far less racy than their other shows I’ve seen. And one of the lead characters’ names is Sophie so there’s that :slight_smile:

Veronica Mars is an excellent show with a strong female lead, lots of humour and witty writing, and overarching storylines. It is focused on teenagers so while sex is discussed in the show there isn’t anything explicit at all. I think all three seasons are awesome although the first season is clearly the best.

Yeah, I think this seems like a winner for the OP. Veronica Mars is amazing.

I also would recommend Babylon 5, but the first season is quite weak.

**Doctor Who is also a lot of fun. I really think it picks up in the second series(season) as well, when David Tenant joins. He’s my favorite Doctor, though. Totally clean show, too.
. 99% clean and a total blast. Worth it, for sure.

How about EUREKA good clean fun.

Exactly what I was going to suggest. It’s very family friendly and a hoot to boot. Be sure to add in Warehouse 13, which shares a universe with Eureka.

Firefly? Firefly. Sure, one of the main characters is…sort of… a prostitute, but it’s not like she’s banging guys in alleyways.

Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No drugs, hookers, or casual sex. Lots of awesome.

Guess it depends on your definition of casual sex. A decent chunk of the plot centers around the sex-lives of the unmarried characters.

We’re big Buffy fans, it’s probably my favorite show of all time. We’ve also enjoyed L&O, X-Files, Storage Wars, Lost, and some others I can’t remember at this second.

But there’s little casual sex on Buffy. I mean, you have sex & your boyfriend loses your soul & starts killing people. Or a possible sex partner turns out to be a giant preying mantis. Or you luck out into a happy relationship–& tragedy lurks…

Raising Hope, a witty and fun show about a lower middle class couple helping their 20-something son raise the child born after his one night stand with a serial killer. It’s made by Greg Garcia, who also did My Name Is Earl, another one I’d recommend.

A Canadian show I’m sooo late too… my sister and dad turned me on to Intelligence… Really enjoy it… Only two seasons… and it has solid twist and turns… not to graphic… and the two main characters are hella good and nice to look at…

Heck, go for the funny and get Corner Gas. Or go Britcom and buy* 'Allo! 'Allo!* or Ballykissangel.

‘Fringe’ is fun, if rather off the wall at times. You will need to start at the beginning of the series to have a hope of understanding what’s going on, but it’s worth it. I *think *it’s on Fox?

On a related note, if you haven’t caught ‘Dark Matters: Twisted but True,’ (featuring our very own Walter from ‘Fringe’ as narrator and host), you’re missing a real treat. Run do not walk to the Science Channel on your cable connection, and hunt it down.

I am also seriously loving ‘Haven’ on Skiffy. Kinda like Eureka but with all matter of supernatural whatsits going rather than scientific mayhem running amok.

Before there was The West Wing, there was Sports Nightwhich ran for two seasons. I enjoyed it.

If you like British comedy and don’t mind a slightly older series, “Black Books” is a really fun one. Lasted 3 seasons.

Not a sci-fi series, but definitely British is Doc Martin, which I love. It’s more along the lines of House or Frasier, and Martin Clunes is a crackup.

It is, but they do talk about rape a lot, and there’s several quite distressing scenes (eg a naked girl crying post-assault or a girl walking home carrying her underwear after an alleged assault) which your wife may not care for.