Suggest an image editing program for the cluless

I need to do some what I assume is simple editing on an image for my father. We scanned in an image for the Knights Of Pythias Cystic Fibrosis donation program and because of the card the text was printed on the white background shows up all splotchy. When I print it out, the printer is printing pink squares in the background and also grey marks. I need to edit it so the background is totally white.

The only editing software I have is MS Paint and I know it is not up for the task.

Suggestions and reccomendations are appreciated

Photoshop works pretty well.

Wow you know it does work very well. Can you suggest some books or online tutoruials one could read so they can learn how to do it themselves? I’m going to have to see if I can get photoshop from my college for less then the $650 that Adobe wants direclty from them.

I forgot to add thank you very much for the new version. It is just what my father needed. Now to print out 25 copies

I bought Photoshop Elements for $100, after I no longer had access to a copy of full Photoshop. It does almost everything that regular Photoshop does (and in fairly heavy, but non-pro, image editing, I’ve not noticed the difference).

I wonder if there’s an Idiot’s Guide to the 'shop? Liked their books in general - though I figured out most of what I needed to do in Photoshop by futzing with it. (Well, and the partner Slip has taken a class in it :smiley: )

If you have a digital camera, they all come with some kind of image-editing software.

If not, Picasa is free. It is more of a photo management system but they do have some editing tools. There is a review here:,1759,1752155,00.asp

Actually, no I can’t. I learned how to use Photoshop indirectly from making cartoon dolls, as well as some random futzing around on my own.

As far as cheap programs, might want to look into GIMP or Irfanview. I’ve never used either, so I can’t give any recommendations and have no idea what features either has, but hey, you can’t beat free.

And you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Seconding Irfanview, you can crop and resize with it easily. Mircosoft Picture It! is also pretty easy to use, and it lets you fix the color and redeye, as well as crop. Resizing with Picture It! isn’t as easy though if pixel count matters. I got the Picture It! program as part of the photo discs when I had my pictures processed at Wal-Mart and paid to have my negatives on disc some time ago. Looks like it is called Digital Image Suite now though.

The Gimp will compete with Photoshop.

And free is a VERY good price.

The Gimp instructions in .html on their website are AWESOME.