Suggest software/website to assemble/print a small album

So my parents are having a party in a few weeks to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, the birth of their first grandchild, and similar stuff. For the party, I’ve been gathering anecdotes and photos. I want some way to assemble these into a fairly pleasing looking bound booklet, with 40 or so copies.

I was initially planning on doing it in Microsoft Word (or the equivalent) with a trip to Kinko’s, but it occurs to me there’s very likely a website whose raison d’etre is to simplify all the steps of the process. That is, I go there, pick a theme, type in a title, and then start uploading photos and blocks of text, and say “ok, this photo and this block of text on this page, these two photos on this page”, etc. Then I click some button, pay $10 a copy, and a week later n physical copies show up in the mail.
Can anyone recommend such a service?

Apple’s iPhoto and Shutterfly come to mind.

I’ve used snapfish.