The photo album is dead...

…long live the Blurb book!

I’ve been wanting to do a big photo book of a world trip I took five years ago, but couldn’t find any that do enough pages and don’t cost the Earth. Blurb does up to 440 pages and is amazingly cheap.

I did a trial book last week and it is great - just like a proper coffee-table book, with a glossy dust cover and all. And it cost less than I would have paid to print out the photos individually and buy a cheap album to stick them in.

I am now about two-thirds of the way through my masterpiece: 305 pages and about 1,000 photos so far… and already planning the next one.

I might finally get through all those photos that have been languishing for years waiting for me to do something with them. :slight_smile:

Those things are so cool. My sister won a free coffee table book from Shutterfly. She sent it to her boyfriend’s mom. I got to look through it before she sent it off. I was quite impressed. The quality was great and you never have to worry about the pictures being damaged. I fully plan to get one for my mom but first I have to get to her house and raid her picture collection without her knowing. I also want to get one for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday this year but again, I have to find a way to raid his photo collection without him knowing.

I still love a nice old fashioned photo album though.

I don’t see how this is going to help me with these boxes of heirloom photos…

Unless I could get someone to scan them all for me ! :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks? Really. Awesome. I’ll have to bookmark this.

I’m probably playing right into their hands… :wink: but I have a box of photos lying around, as well as just scads and scads of vacation photos and the like. I’d like to do a personal photo album and one of my different vacations.