Is there a blurbarian in the room?

Is anyone else hooked into

The short version, you download their software, create a book with your pictures and they mail it to you. The end result is a gorgeous coffee table style book printed in archive paper.

I have already printed two books. One for our honeymoon and one for the first years of our kids. They have both been a tad too cute, with funny captions and all. I am currently working on another, more focused on quality photos of the kids, and a second with my own photos of random stuff that gets my attention while we travel.

It is a great alternative to printing loose photos and putting them in albums. They are supposed to last forever, they are easier to move and handle. You can order as many as you want, and they are fairly inexpensive. For both books I have printed, the cost has been less than the cost of printing the loose photos at Walgreens.

Anyone else has tried this? What was your experience?

Looks pretty cool, I’m downloading the app as I type this. I have a huge collection of digital photos I’m thinking Christmas presents!


I did a book for my girlfriend and another friend who is a hobby photographer had a book made as her portfolio.

Good fun, fellow blurbarian!

flashes lights, honks horn to Ruby (or whatever other sign blurbarian are supposed to do when running into each other.

Portfolio books are the obvious application. That is what the second book I am working on is going to be. Not that I am planning on getting a job as a photographer, but I just enjoy taking the pics and I want to have all my more inspired/lucky photos put together.

I always wrinkled my nose at people who do scrapbooks, but I guess this is the version for people who don’t like glued fingers and glitter on their face. In the end, I find my books themselves to be as much of an artistic effort as the pictures in it. I spend hours until I have a “perfect” layout with photos in a good sequence, with the right captions and all that.

Good fun indeed.

ETA: Venus, these books make perfect presents. My wife and I share all our funds, so spending money on presents for each other is kind of a ridiculous deal. These make for great presents. Homemade feel to them but without the grade school crafts look.

Also great for all the people in your list who like photos but are not computer savvy. A real solid low tech book to look at.