Where is the best place to create your own Coffee Table Book?

This year I have had the time to get out and about and take some fun photos, we moved to Rhode Island - a whole 30 minutes from our old locale in CT, and the sceneryin front of our house is great. Anyway, I’ve had the opportunity to exploreand take some cool photosand I’d love to put them into a fun coffee table book. I’m looking for a bound book, not spiral bound, I’m looking for quality. Price isn’t a factor, I figure +/- $200 bucks is fair. So I’m willing to drop a little coin on a photobook that people can pick up when they come over and flip through.

Does anyone have eny experience with this?
Internet based is best, no?
Are there companies that represent an industry standard? If so which ones?
What is the turn around time for say 50 pages/bound?

I just bought a cookbook from LuLu publishing, and it was VERY nicely done, puyll of high quality pictures. You can go into their site www.lulu.com and find out exactly what the book will cost you to make. Good luck!

Thank you, I’m goign to check out that website and fool around with the numbers a bit.

Any others?

Remember to straighten your horizons.

Thanks…I wasn’t using a tripod for those…I can straighten them in InDesign. We are about to get pummeled by a snow storm this afternoon, so I can play today and al weekend! :slight_smile:

If you want to go the easy route, you can upload pics and have them make a book of 'em for you here:

I did it, and it worked pretty well. Your choices are pretty limited, though.

There are lots of places that do this now. Blurb, WHCC, mpix. I’ve heard good things about mypictales but haven’t tried them yet.

I’ve never made one myself, but a coworker recently recommended Mixbook. She made a beautiful 50-page hardcover book for her parents’ anniversary for around $75. She said that some of the other sites (Snapfish, etc.) are somewhat cheaper and still good quality, but that Mixbook allowed greater creative control over the layout, color scheme, background images, photo cropping, etc.

I was pleased with the quality and price of the Shutterfly book I made at TARGET. The pages were glossy and the binding looked decent.

I can’t vouch for their photobooks but Mpix is where I order all my prints for framing and I’ve been really happy with the quality of their prints. But it looks like they have soft cover, hard cover, and suede cover books.


I have had good results with MyPublisher.com.

That’s the one. I saw at a friends house. Thank you !

If you have a Mac, I’ve had great results with the printing service in iPhoto. However, I’ve only gotten their softcover items.


Are there any coffee table books about…coffee tables?

Kramer’s was better because it turned into a coffee table, which this one doesn’t… but yes.