Suggest some 'Taskmaster' type games suitable for Zoom meetings

If you’re familiar with the irreverent game BBC TV game show called Taskmaster, then you might be able to help me with some ideas for games that can be run over a Zoom meeting.

It’s strictly for laughs, and should ideally not disadvantage anyone by their lack of available props or things like that. I’d like to get the contestants ‘prepared’ by having some items on hand, e.g. a few sheets of photocopy paper, scissors and some coloured pens - but not much more than that.

So far, I’d thought of a ‘prize task’ (display the item on screen, e.g. most cute item, most mysterious item, etc), a version of Twenty Questions to identify what the Taskmaster has put in a Mystery Box, make the best hat from a piece of paper in ninety seconds, and a memory test: throughout the meeting, I’ll change my virtual background to seemingly random things, and reveal at the end that the contestants have to recall all of them. I might make their initial letters spell out ‘Taskmaster’ as a hidden clue, so: Taj Mahal, Apples, Saturn, Kangaroo,… etc.

Has anyone tried such Zoom-based games? Or have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from anyone who’s designed or played something like this.

You probably know this, but there are a couple of Taskmaster books out, designed for Hometasking challenges like this.