Suggest US Soft Rock Songs

I’m trying to come up with a playlist of American (or American-sounding - the artists don’t have to strictly be from the US) soft rock music…

I’m looking more for big songs by lesser known artists (such as those in my list of examples), rather than superstars.

What I’ve got so far:

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
John Parr - St Elmo’s Fire
Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love
Please bear in mind that I’m British, so songs that are really well-known to you might be obscure (and therefore interesting) to me.

Wow, where to begin?

I’d Really Love To See You Tonight by England Dan and John Ford Coley
You Are the Woman and Strange Way by Firefall
Anything by The Carpenters
Silent Lucidity by Queensryche
You’re the Inspiration by Chicago
Maybe I’m Amazed, Let 'Em In, and Listen To What the Man Said by Wings
Key Largo by Bertie Higgins
Steal Away by Robbie Nevil
Minute by Minute by The Doobie Brothers
The Royal Scam, Time Out of Mind, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number, and Doctor Wu by Steely Dan (Heck, almost anything by Steely Dan!)
Slide and Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Blow Away by George Harrison
Crash by Dave Matthews

I could go on and on; hope this is a good start for you.

I wouldnt really call “Silent Lucidity” and “Hey Jealousy” “soft rock” (not hard rock either, of course.)

My Totally 70s Sounding Soft Rock list:
Reunited - Peaches and Herb
Things You Do for Love - 10cc
American Dream - Dirt Band
Hey 19 - Steely Dan*
another vote for Really Love to See You Tonight
Summer Breeze - Seals and Croft
Day after Day - Badfinger

Also, the entire Brutal Youth album by Elvis Costello sounds like US 70s soft rock although it’s 90s (although the singing of course doesn’t sound American.)

*Fun note: there was a classic rock station in Tampa, The Point, 102.5, that went through several changes, but always played The Dan. At one point they wanted to change into more of a lite/soft rock station and their flagship song was Hey 19 (but still played it no matter their incarnation, until the latest one in which they became just another HARD ROCK - THE PIG!!!111oneone station :mad:.)

Boston Augustana
Gold Day Sparklehourse
Sailed on Landon Pig

Just thought of another one

How Many Times Zach Hexum

Anything by Bread.

Yes, there was/is a band called Bread. Don’t know how big they were across the pond, but I have dim memories of the late 70’s and their songs being on AM radio almost continuously.

Pretty much the definition of “soft rock”.

I bet you know the Eagles, but Peaceful Easy Feeling and Tequila Sunrise are a couple of their big songs. Eagles are almost exclusively soft country-rock, except for an occasional song like “Life in the Fast Lane”

Bob Seger has lots of soft rock songs, including Night Moves

Boston - Amanda

Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn I really love this song, it’s sort of the obligatory ballad that every 80’s hair metal band had to have for the female fans, but I don’t think it will ever get old.

White Stripes - We are Going to be Friends White Stripes are awesome, they do hard rocking songs, blues, strange songs, and nice acoustic ones like this one.

The solo version by Bret Michaels is a better fit.

Hmm, are these soft rock, pop rock…?

80s pop with a tiny bit of rock? 90s angst-pop-rock?

This list leaves it so wide open–do you have a more specific goal for this list?

OK, lets be a bit more specific about what I want here.

I wanted to make a playlist of American or at least American-style music to mark the US election that I can play at the social club I work the bar at once a week. My tastes generally lean towards the livelier end of the spectrum, hence the examples.

Some of the suggestions made previously have been a little too downbeat and slushy (though I guess that’s my fault for just saying “soft rock” in the OP). Here are a couple more examples of the sort of thing I am looking for:

Neil Young - ‘Rocking In The Free World’
Martina McBride - ‘Independence Day’

Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”, Glory Days seems perfect and in tune with Hey Jealousy and others, Dancing in the Dark

Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop” :wink: (Clinton’s campaign)

Anything by John Cougar (Mellencamp) R-O-C-K in the USA, Pink Houses (“ain’t that America”)

Meat Loaf, Paradise by the Dashboard Light features America’s pastime

Kim Wilde “Kids in America”

That’s about a woman lighting the house and her husband on fire after he beat her too often.
Go America.

amarinth: Yes, I know - but it’s an excellent song and the depressing story is not all that obvious from a casual listen.

Similarly, not a lot of people (at least over here in the UK) know the downbeat back-story of ‘Born In The USA’. ‘The Way’ by Fastball can go on the playlist too, even though its about a couple that committed suicide.

I don’t think I’ll push that line as far as ‘Hazard’ (Richard Marx) or ‘Sunny Came Home’ (Shawn Colvin), though.

Once you made it more clear that you meant “non-hard songs that scream America” I was gonna recommend The Way. I’d also recommend many songs by Odds (even though they’re Canadian,) but their popular songs are more novelty/rock than Americana.