Suggested additional moderators

Since Ed says that he wants two moderators per forum and he’s looking for applicants, I thought that it might be interesting to suggest who some of those might be to join the mods already there:

The BBQ Pit/Satan

General Questions/Majormd

MPSIMS/ChrisCTP and jazzmine

Great Debates/E1skeptic

About this message board/Louie

Comments on Cecil’s columns/manhattan

Comments on mailbag answers/Polycarp
What are your suggestions?

If there’s gonna be a “Smash your Trolls here” Forum, I’m applying. Sure Thing.


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Excellent choices, Krispy, except maybe for E1skeptic. He’s an airline pilot and probably is away 3 or 4 days out of the week.
If I’m wrong, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in that role, even though we’ve had a couple of scuffles. He’s a pretty sharp guy.

Pretty good picks, there, Krispy.

Alternates I might suggest are:

BBQ Pit - Coldfire

GQ - Doctor Jackson or Undead Dude

You’re right on with Louie for About This Message Board.

Tom, of tom&debb, for any open position, although he does a great job as is. He is amazing in his clarifying ability. I really admire him.


I’m glad I already applied…

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Chris’ Homepage: Domestic Bliss

John W. Kennedy for Comments on Cecil’s Columns

I was all set to apply to be a mod (I spend way too much time here, anyway) when I read the requirement that you have to be 21. No fair! Sigh, oh well.


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I applied for a Moderator position some time ago, but I don’t think I will get it.

Yer pal,

Nice to see some people want me to be a moderator. I’m applying, so wish me luck.

UDD doesn’t have time… and will soon have even less time, as he’s interviewing for jobs (what?? Not gonna be home all day anymore??? I’m gonna get all lonely…)

O p a l C a t

Hey, they should make Krispy a moderator. How’s that for irony?


Wait, the mods get free beer?? Ooh!! Me! Me!

I didnt apply to be a moderator & didn’t get choosen, is that a hint?

21? Shoot, lets not have children moderating.

Make it 30+ so at least we can count on their being some maturity.


Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Way cool. I’m gone for a couple of days (I’m in the San Francisco Area!) and I get nominated.

Thank you Krispy for your confidence in me.

I think I’ll go apply.