Suggested gifts for a beloved English Professor.

My college English Professor/ advisor is retiring after an undisclosed number of years and I want to get her something special, but I’m out of ideas.

A few little bits of trivia that may help:
-I have been out of college for more than 15 years, but we have kept in touch occassionally.
-Her influential teaching is what mad me switch my major to English.
-SHe helped my pick a law school
-She has advised my occassionally since then by getting me in touch with various experts in law cases.
Most importantly, I could come to her when I had personal problems in college. Her “advising” was much less about academics than they were about life.
-Her expertise is women’s studies and Charles Dickens/Edwardian literature.

Any help or suggestions? I have been looking for antique books, etc., but I’m pretty sure she would already have anything I could get her. My wife thinks I should just write a heartfelt letter, but somehow it doesn’t seem like enough.

Any help?

I gave my favorite professors a set of pretty tea mugs and some nice tea for thank-you presents. I figured they get literary presents all the time, and they both liked tea.

The *Oxford Shorter * dictionary in two great fat volumes.

I called my favorite professor’s wife and asked her what his favorite single-malt scotch is. It helps to have an insider.

Knowing what your budget is would help. I mean, if you can spring for a trip to London, it’s one thing. If not, see Post #3, but you’d have to check to make sure she doesn’t already have it.

If she does, the Levinger’s catalog (I can’t look up the site right now) has lots of wonderful things for avid readers. Probably And that’s a great suggestion.

I think a heartfelt letter would be great, myself.

Have you considered writing a heartfelt letter to the school newspaper, showing your appreciation publicly?

A first edition.

Great Idea, Thank you very much. Keep it up.

A fountain pen. By the way, does anyone have a recommendation for a decent functional but inexpensive cartridge fountain pen?

Theater tickets?

Lamy Safari.

What field in EL did your prof specialize in?

Yeah, give him a talking Yoda doll or anything other than something literary (unless you happen to know it’s something he really wants).