Suggestion: change sticky thread FAQ title

As I mentioned in a Pit thread about the screaming face link, I think that the sticky thread that says “FAQ: Please read this before posting a question” should be changed to something more inclusive.

I interpreted it as meaning “Before you post a question in ATMB about how this new board works, read this”. If I didn’t have a question about how the board works (coding, passwords, etc) I would not open it, and in fact did not until I was searching for where it was posted that the annoying image/sound link was forbidden.

I just wanted to say that if you want users new and old to look at that thread and the info it contains, perhaps it should be entitled something like:

“User FAQs/Board Rules. Read before posting!”
or something. The current title (IMHO) implies a specific topic (the new board workings) and doesn’t give the impression that there are rules contained in it. Also, perhaps it should be stickied at the top of all forums so that everyone sees it. I would venture to guess that people generally only come into ATMB to post questions about the board, and if no specific issue brings them there, they would not usually visit.

Just some suggestions- please take them in the helpful spirit in which they are intended. Thanks!


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I see what you mean. Originally the thread was going to be to answer questions people had about the new vBulletin board. Then I got lazy and stuck new “rules” in there because I didn’t want to have half of ATMB filled with sticky threads. It’s not the full set of rules so I hate to call it “Board Rules” because it by no means has everything. We’ll try to think of a new name, and maybe split off some of it in a different sticky thread.

Thank you for the good suggestion.

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We could create a sticky thread in each forum to have a FAQ / rules link, but I hate losing “real estate” in the forum display by an overabundance of sticky threads. Let us think about that for a while.

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OK, we’ve done the first part. On to the suggestion of how to make it easily accessible from each forum.

I just came in here to say that I love the new FAQs. Bravo, Arnold Winkelried. Particularly the guidelines for posting at the SDMB. GREAT to have that in writing right up there. Good show.

White Lightning - I stand on the shoulders of giants. TubaDiva had posted the Registration agreement at the temp board and I just copied it from there. And Zette had the good idea to make it a separate thread. I am only the tool.