Suggestions for attire at jazz performance

I have a date to go see Paula West at a nightclub (the Rrazz Room) in San Francisco. Problem is, I haven’t been out on such a date for quite awhile and have nothing suitable to wear. So, what should I get? A suit? A sports coat or blazer with slacks? Something else? I’m a guy in my early 60s. I don’t want to be too dressed up, but not look out of place. All suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

You can’t go wrong with all black.

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If I were going to the Rrazz room (I haven’t been, but I used to go to the Plush Room from time to time, I think they are probably comparable) I would wear dressy casual trousers (not so casual as khakis, not necessarily as dressy as dress slacks), a nice shirt or any shirt and a nice sweater, and a nice jacket (not a sports coat type jacket, just a jacket, leather might be nice).

It’s jazz, not the philharmonic, I think most people there will be in dress casual. Some women will be in cocktail dresses, some not as dressy as that. You won’t see a lot of men with suits or neckties, I don’t believe. But at your age (and I can say that because I’m in the same ballpark) a blazer and tie wouldn’t be too much, I think.

Truly, nobody is going to care that much except you and possibly your date. Enjoy, I read that Paula West is in top form. Wish I could go.

My last trip to Jazz Alley I wore khakis and a Polo shirt. I’m 62. And I was better dressed than most.

I thought you had to wear a black turtleneck, black skinny legged pants and a black beret. Pointy-toed black shoes are probably a must also:)

Thanks all, I think I’m good to go now.

Unless you have black skin, in which case a white suit, white shirt, white tie and white shoes would seem to be the perfect ensemble.

Dark Ray Bans, and try to grow a goatee between now & then!
(hope you have fun :))

I say a tweed sport coat with elbow patches. The beret mentioned above would be a must. A pipe of course, preferably large, like a Sherlock Holmes style.

Just wear something clean and not too rumpled.

The era of the cool sophisticate jazz fan died out 30 years ago. Nowadays there are only the old folks (largely pre-baby boomers) and the obsessives. Quite a few of the latter look like they sleep in their clothes; many smell like it.