Suggestions for Guitar Pedals/Effects

Ok, so I have been playing guitar for a few years. I have a Line6 Spider112© amp. It is suprisingly good, being that it is a digital amp (I have heard several amp tube enthusiasts praise Line6 for making a good digital amp). It has six amp settings, as well as a few delay settings and other various settings (flange, chorus, etc.). This is a nice addition to the amp, and is probably the reason I haven’t bought a pedal/effects thingy yet. But alas, it is the holidays and I think I am going to get one regardless. Playing with the reverb on my amp does get boring after a while.

So, I looked into the Line6 POD on their web site. Supposedly there is a PODxt now, with even more effects than before. It has 32 amp models, 100 bizzilion effects, a bunch of cabinet models, plus a complex effects editing system, a chromatic tuner, etc. A big must for me is to have wah-wah effects, which it says it has. It also appears that it comes with a few pedals, but it is a bit unclear as to if they come separatly or with the purchase of the POD.

There is also another good effects thingy which I have heard of (I believe it is something along the line of MPS or MPX or something). Knowing that I already have a Line6 amp, is it worth it to get a POD? Or should I simply get a wah-wah pedal and screw the 400 zillion effects on the POD. Does the POD come with a petal(s)? It appeared to come with 3 pedals, but then again they may have been deceiving me and I really have to get them separatly. Is there a better effects thingy/pedal out there which I would be better than a POD? Any help would be great.
Note: I felt this thread was best suited in CS, maybe I’m wrong though.

If I am not mistakent he Pod 6 is a direct box, not an effects pedal. A direct box is used for simulating the sound of playing thru an amplifier when you are actually plugged directly into the mixing board.

I have a Digitech RP14D that I got on eaby a few months ago for like $150. Its a $400 pedal. It has everything possible on an effects pedal. It also has a small tube in it if you can believe that.

I’ve had a couple of multi-effects boxes over the years and played with others, and I’ve found I got a lot better use out of the older, simpler ones. I have an RP21d, probably pretty out-of-date now but it was one of the nicer ones when I bought it, and I never did get the hang of programming my own effects combinations - I understood the concepts of HOW, it was just very burdensome, while I used hardly anything but custom effect settings on my old RP10, and it really sounded just as good.

Screw the effects. Save your money, and buy lessons from great players instead.