Suggestions for Music Tagging Software

I finally got out of the stone age and bought a music player (iAudio X5, it’s awesome, thanks to all who made recommendations). Not only that, but I’ve converted most of my CDs to ogg vorbis files. Unfortunately, I neglected to create ID3 tags at first, so I have ~4500 songs with no identifiers except the file name. As it turns out, there are a lot of songs named ‘Intro’. At least I had the forethought to organize them into directories by artist and album. So, I’m looking for recommendations for software that will look up track information and write tags automatically. It would also be nice if it could make an album-order playlist. I tried a Google search, but the most of the results looked like thinly-disguised malware.

I use Musicbrainz Picard for mine. It’s free, and interfaces closely with a huge database of tag information held on It’s reasonably intuitive to use, and I found after a couple of practice goes that I could tag dozens of albums an hour.

I’ve never used it to create .m3u or pls files for playlists, though. For that I use Playlist Creator .