Suggestions for OS software for old Acer Travelmate?

I picked up 2 old Acer Travelmate c110 tablet/laptop systems at one of those computer shows a few weeks ago. They didn’t come with an OS loaded and I didn’t feel like getting ripped off by the guy just for installing XP on the thing, so I figured I could just load it myself, no biggie, right? Except that after a bit of research I found out that none of the tablet stuff workes unless you have XP tablet edition…which I don’t have. These are mainly just to give to the kids to play with, and I only paid like $150 for them, but I’d really like to get them working. So does anyone have suggestions for an open source OS that I could put on these that will let the kids use the tablet portions of the hardware? While I’m fairly tech savy, I’d prefer a simple options. Would just buying a copy of Windows 7 work? Note that these don’t have CD drives, so I basically have to make a bootable USB stick to load the OS. Which I can do, I just need to know what OS to use.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’m like 90% sure the Tablet version got rolled in XP Pro and is a not-by-default install option.

So by doing a custom install of XP Pro you think I could somehow select those options for install?

Yeah or just go under add/remove Windows components afterwards. I might be wrong about that though. I’m confident that it’s in XP Pro somewhere though.

I’ll play around with it Monday. Thanks for the suggestion Palooka!