Suggestions for something to prevent furniture chewing

So my cat Myri (Obligatory Pic) chews on my furniture. It’s bizarre, I’ve never had a cat do this. She chews on the knobs of my bed, chairs, nightstands, cabinet knobs and door hinges. But I’m really annoyed at the tiny teethmarks on my new furniture! I got some bitter apple but it has an alcohol base and I fear that’ll take the finish off the wood. Anyone have any solutions that won’t destroy the furniture?

Jalapeno pepper juice worked well for me when my puppy chewed furniture and baseboards. Get yourself a basting brush and paint it on any surface the cat has been chewing.

I own two cats (sisters, who also happen to be both torties like the OP’s cat) who are both chewers. One of them pretty much only chews on the horizontal blinds these days (she’s chewed through several slats), but the other one chews on anything and everything, and is also a woolsucker. It’s caused some problems – she’s chewed through several wires, most of my books have chewed up edges, and I’ve lost several articles of clothing to her. Two days ago, I woke up in the morning to find her seriously choking on something (tongue turning blue). She was able to cough/vomit it up enough to swallow it properly, but it was quite scary for a few minutes.

Bitter apple is the most effective thing I’ve used, but it’s obviously impractical to cover everything in my apartment with it, and it wears off quickly, so I’m also quite interested in hearing any other solutions that may be out there.

This obviously is not a long-term solution, but it may break her of the habit. Try putting aluminum foil on the things she chews the most - some cats hate aluminum foil. If your kitty likes catnip (mine never did), designate something she can chew on, and sprinkle catnip all over the thing every day.

I believe there is also a cream version of the Bitter Apple that might be more suitable for furniture, but I could be mis-remembering.

Try to cut down on the coffee, get some rest, find some ways to de-stress, maybe take up a hobbie where you can hit things.
Your cat?

Chili powder. Dampen the wood with a little water then sprinkle chili powder over it and the powder should stick. I tried this with a wicker shelf my cat was chewing the corner of. He took a big bite and has never chewed on it since.