Suggestions for web-based e-mail that isn't Yahoo or Google?

Okay, one more time: I’m fucking fed up to here with [del]Goofus[/del] you-know-who-I-mean e-mail; and I’ve mostly given up on Yahoo! (which lives up to its name more and more every day) years ago.

Today I can’t sign in to gmail with one of my accounts; it keeps asking me to re-enter my password (but doesn’t say my password is wrong, which is what it usually does when I type a wrong password). Anyway, I did the whole reset my password shit, which it says was successful, and I STILL can’t log in. Reset password AGAIN, allegedly successfully, and I still can’t log in. This is affecting one of my gmail accounts but not the one I use mostly.

I assume that Google, like Yahoo, is just fucking around trying to “improve” things, just like Yahoo is always doing. Fuck that shit. Just leave bad enough alone for a few years, okay? Like Yahoo, they may be “improving” it beyond repair.

– Anyone else having gmail (or Google anything) sign-in trouble today?
– Anyone have a recommendation for another place I could go for e-mail service?

From what little I’ve seen, I wouldn’t mind if some outfit like DuckDuckGo started an e-mail service. I’d be willing to give that a try, I think.

Fuck Yahoo. Okay, that’s OLD news, and still current (as evidenced by that other nearby thread). And now, fuck Google too. Just get it working (like you already had it) and LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!

Also, turn on 2-step authentication in Gmail.

Also also, here is the gmail support page for account issues. If you still can’t log in you should report it and hopefully Gmail will the lock the account while you try to sort things out.

Get your own site hosting and use whichever webmail package you like. Most hosts offer two or three pre-installed. It has all the same features as Google in terms of productivity and the email interface looks a little cleaner than either Google or Yahoo.

I’ve never had problems signing into Google beyond forgetting my p/w so I don’t know how to help.

Oh, is nobody using hotmail anymore?

(D&R) :smiley:

Hey! I swear, I posted a reply in this thread several hours ago, in which I remarked (among other things) that I knew absolutely nothing about google’s two-step authentication process that Merneith mentions, and I ask if the link he provided discusses that. And I acknowledged that two posts recommended outlook, and made some comments about that.

Where did that post go?

Anyway, is anyone else here having sudden unexplained trouble signing in to gmail lately?

In particular, you enter your user name and password, and then you get a screen that asks you to re-enter your password? And no matter how many times you do that, you just get that same screen over and over and you never get past it?

I looked on the google forums, and found one other user is reporting the same problem, but there aren’t any answers.

I know what I’m going to do! How silly of me not to think of this before!

“Back in the day”, when the world was young and we didn’t even have e-mail, we all somehow lived without it!

That’s the secret! I’m going to go back to the good old days of snail mail. It occurs to me that there really isn’t anything I’m doing with e-mail that I really really need to be doing with e-mail. EVERYTHING I do with e-mail, I could either go back to doing with good old snail mail (or by telephone), or else it isn’t something I really need to be doing at all!

We all get so hooked on all these modern toys, we forget that our ancestors did just fine without them, and we can too!

I’ve had Juno for about 10 years. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that a lot of services have, but it works quite well.

Others have mentioned (which – as a domain name – sounds far better than previous iterations like or Ew.). Microsoft has even made a little tool that imports your Gmail messages and contacts, even preserving your folder setup with a user friendly wizard. You can then set up your Gmail to forward new messages over to your Outlook mail and even send emails from your Gmail account within Outlook. One of the least painful transitions to a new email address I’ve seen.

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Or does using your email account to sign up to the SDMB not count?

Sounds to me like it might not be just gmail that is giving you trouble.

If you have a Facebook account you already have an “” address.

Altomail is a nice interface to other email accounts like AOL and Gmail and Yahoo, it might be worth a try.

Okay, thanks everyone for the various suggestions. I’m going to hang onto some of these for a while.

It seems I’ve gotten gmail working again, for now anyway. (Note, I have three accounts, and only one of them was not working. My gmail account attached to my SDMB account is one of the ones that was working, so no problem there – this time.)

On gmail forums, I found one other similar complaint, with no answers given as of yesterday. I posted my complaint. Today, the OP of that complaint reports that he fixed it by doing some browser resetting of some sort (with IE). So I went into my Firefox browser (an older version that isn’t FuckedUpFox) and did some browser resetting.

Presto! Now my lost gmail is fixed. Damfino what really happened there. To whom shall we blame-shift here? It’s a Pittable PITA that google accounts sign-in gave such a non-descript error message (if you can even call it that). My best guess is that I somehow accidentally added some google site to my cookies blacklist, and erasing that WHOLE list took care of that.
Stronger security for your Google Account

With 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone has a free mail service. Or, you can pay something like $12 a year for more features

Just use the mail stuff, don’t get the ISP

But as a designer, I want a cool-sounding email address. I’m still pissed that z-mail went down decades ago. I had an email

Oh, has tons of domains: countries or professions. You can get (for comedians or comic book artists, I suppose…) Anyone used it?