Suggestions on portable DVD players.

I’m looking for a portable DVD player.
Screen -6" or better
Sound-decent, but nothing fancy
battery life–unimportant
power socket adapter–must have
headphone socket–yes

$130 or less.

Dopers, what are your experiences with portable DVD players?

I have a Panasonic 7" that I bought on Christmas Eve about 2.5 years ago. I was going to pull a 12 hour shift in an empty building and figured I’d go nuts if I didn’t have any entertainment.

I like it, though the sound isn’t that great.

Headphones help when you can use them, or like when I worked the Truck Gate, I used a cassette cord (like for plugging a CD player into a cassette deck) in order to play the sound through a boom box.

Then last summer I took it with me on vacation, along with the big ass headphones with the 15’ cord. Plugged into the hotel room’s 27" TV, so I was just using it as a DVD player, not a viewer.

Yup, sitting or wandering around a hotel room watching a DVD with the sound cranked up and not bothering a soul…

Don’t use it as much these days, because I can’t use it at work like I used to (different job), but it’s still kinda nice to have from time to time.


Anybody else with experience/input?