Suggestions--One Crazy Night in Chicago?

I know this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find it. So. . .

I am attending the Physicians for a National Health Program convention in Chicago on Saturday. I will be in town Friday sometime Friday afternoon, where I’ll be staying at the Blackstone. What kind of trouble could two young, crazy medical students get into in that neighborhood on a Friday night?

The evening should ideally involve some good live music and absolutely MUST involve one of those 147-pound Chicago pizzas. (My first, last, and only time in Chicago included a stop at the original Uno’s, and I saw God that day.)

Thanks in advance!
Dr. J

Well, now, glad you asked that question, Dr. J. Please allow me to direct you to the most sizzlin’ Club in the Windy City, a rockin’ place called “Cabrini Green”. Just grab a cab and ask for it by name, although you may have to pay the cabbie a little extra 'cause this place is so hot there’s a surcharge to get there, due to all the tourist demand. There’ll be plenty of music, trust me, and you just tell the doorman how much you lust after that “147-pound Chicago-Style” and he’ll set you right up, yes indeedy. Wear your finest, and be sure and bring your Visa card, 'cause…well, actually they do take American Express, but I’d have all the plastic I could carry with me, just in case. Y’all enjoy the convention, now, hear?

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-Tom Waits

Trying to get the Kentucky boy killed, are you? We’re not just a bunch of ignorant rubes who never left Pigshit County, you know. (OK, yes we are, but we do know a smartass when we see one. :slight_smile: )

I’d have a hell of a time forgiving you if you didn’t have a Tom Waits quote in your signature, meaning that you must be cool.

Dr. J

You want good pizza, Uno’s is a joke, its poor imitation chain store Chicago pizza. Giordano’s is the one and only Chicago Pizza you should consider for a one and possibly only trip to Chi-town. Yes, you will see God, but even he’ll need to wait for a table.

As for what kind of trouble can you get into? Lots, trust me.

If you want to give a little more detailed ideas of a good time, I’ll be glad to help, and a precise address so I can decide if you’ll be best going out in the loop, or what. Beware, it isn’t cheap, but compared to NY and LA its not bad at all.

You might also look up the “Chicagoans” thread here in MPSIMS and see if any of the establishments discussed there appear to be to your liking.

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Sorry, Doc, that was a near-involuntary response, sort of like a spasm of the sarcasm muscle. The truth is, I’m just a transplanted hick from the UP myself, and I’m too old and tired to have much interest in or knowledge of the local nightlife. I’ll shut up now and let the real, sophisticated City folks give you the Straight Dope. Have fun.

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits

[qoute]Please allow me to direct you to the most sizzlin’ Club in the Windy City, a rockin’ place called “Cabrini Green”.

Holy shit, that’s funny.

Seriously, for good live music you can try Joe’s on Weed Street or Shuba’s on Southport. I second Giordano’s for great Chicago Pizza.

Here are two places to look to see what’s going on in Chicago when you are here:

There are more interesting neighborhoods than the one near the Blackstone. If you really want to have an interesting time, I suggest you take the El or a taxi and go to a different neighborhood.

One idea: Take the red line north to Lawrence, and visit the Green Mill. They have good live music every weekend.

So, Doc, how was your night in the ol’ Windy City? Or are you still too bloated from the pizza to answer? Hope you learned something at the convention. You do remember the convention, right? C’mon, think hard, you never know when the IRS might want to know the details!

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits