Suicidal Drinking Games

Geez, it took me a while to realize you meant the Dudley Moore movie and not the cartoon. :rolleyes:

Watch any of those Pax TV disaster movies and drink whenever something unrealistic happens.

No, for your health, only watch half of the movie.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”, the cartoon, not the movie. Drink everytime you hear the word “who”, or any variation thereof. My sister and I did this once, and let me tell ya, that “Wa hoo, wa hoo” song will about wear you out. Not to mention “all the whos down in whoville”.

This game isn’t based off a movie or TV show, but it IS guarenteed to kill peopel.

Tequila 200.

Line up 400 shots of tequila, in two lines, each on 200 shots long. Two teams then compete in the contest. When someone says go, the first person from each team starts drinking shots, one after the other as fast as possible. When he falls over/passes out/dies, the next person on the team takes over. This goes on until either a) a team finishes all 200 shots, or b) a team has no members left.

Needles to say, I have never heard of it being attempted, but it has long been hypothesized.

Another non-tv related game. Take 6 shot glasses, some liquor and a dice. Each shot glass is labelled 1 through to 6. Each person takes turns rolling the dice. If the number of the shot glass is empty, fill it up; if it’s filled, then drink it.

Rather simple and easy to get drunk on. Funny enough, it’s called ‘suicide’.

Watch Fellowship of the Ring, drink every time you have a closeup of the One Ring.

We gave up, decided instead to drink every time a character does that “turn your head, then turn your body around” thing. You know, Frodo looks over his shoulder, then his shoulders turn? And wow does that happen a lot. I don’t think we even got to Rivendell. :slight_smile:

Moulin Rouge:

Drink every time anyone says “love”

My GF just got a great chess board for her birthday yesterday.

Each man is represented by a shot glass. Each time you lose a man, you do a shot.

If you were playing with Whiskey and Vodka, it could get quite crazy!


I have to toss this one in: Play an Andrew Lloyd Webber CD or video. Everytime someone sings anything that uses a tune from any other ALW song, take a drink.

This could be used for capital punishment, but it would probably be considered “Cruel and Unusual.”

Pirates of the Carribean :

Take a shot everytime somebody says the word ‘Pirate’.

Take a shot everytime somebody says the word ‘Curse’.

Take a shot everytime somebody gets hit in the head with a blunt object.

If this doesn’t get you plastered, I don’t know what will…

I played that one back in the day. The rule is “anytime anyone says ‘who’ or anything that rhymes with ‘who’.”

“Hi, Bob!” Watch Newhart, or The Bob Newhart Show, any time someone says, “Hi, Bob.” take a shot. Do not attempt this during repeats of Newhart’s appearance on SNL. There’s a skit about it, and Newhart goes off, screaming that he is totally opposed to “Hi, Bob!” and that noone should ever play “Hi, Bob!” because if they do, they could get really drunk and do something stupid, so under no circumstances should you ever play “Hi, Bob!”

To add to the previously mentioned Big Lebowski game, take a drink anytime the Dude says “Man”. That should make up for lack of other drinking situations…

Nitpick: This wouldn’t work with Newhart. In that show, his character’s name was Dick.

Heh, so you play “Hi, Dick!” instead.

First of all, I know I’m a jerk for even posting this but it was the first thing that came to mind.

The Passion of the Christ drinking game:

Take a shot for every 3 times someone hits Jesus.

'Nuff said.

Watch CSI Miami, every time Horatio does something with his sunglasses or gives a dramatic squint, drink. Happens more than you’d think.


Drink once for each:

shirtless guy
gas or other inhalant abuser
every time a cop wipes out chasing somebody, pound it.

The other fun game is Chug Boat -

Pick a crew member (Doc, Isaac, Julie, Gopher, etc) and a Guest Star, and every time your characters speak, drink.

'nother non-TV/movie-related, but quite efficient, one:

Start out by picking a name, “(something) Fuck”-- for example, I usually go with “Dirty Fuck.” You’ll have to remember this & be able to respond to it throughout the game. Choose a person to start, randomly or however. Now everybody starts banging their palms on the table twice and then clapping, “We Will Rock You”-style. Then the starter says, with the rhythm, “Fuck you (clap). Fuck you too. Good fuck, no fuck, better than a (something) Fuck”, filling in somebody else’s “Fuck” name at the end there. This person will then have to respond, staying in rhythm, “Good fuck, no fuck, better than a (something) Fuck”, filling in someone else’s name and so forth. If you don’t respond fast enough, you drink. If you lose the beat, you drink. If you can’t think of anyone’s Fuck name, you drink… and the more you drink, of course, the more you fuck up…

yep, it’s mindless. but it WILL get ya shithoused, hehehe :slight_smile:

(oh, and fun increases exponentially with more players, of course :wink: )

Two of the classics I have not seen posted yet:

The Star Wars Drinking Game
You watch episodes 4, 5 & 6. You take a drink every time Luke whines.

Strange Brew
You watch the movie and drink any time anyone says “eh!” or “hoser.”
(I’ve completed this game a few times. It takes a massive amount of beer. Fortunately my taste in beer has progressed to the point that this game is prohibitively expensive!)

Can we add in when he puts his hands on his hips as well? Because that will at least double the number of drinks :slight_smile: