What were/are your favorite drinking games?

The title says it all. I want to know what drinking games you have played that you really enjoyed.

I never really had a favorite since I never have been a drinker, but I have seen a few, some of which were quite interesting:

I Never…
A game where everyone sits in a circle with their drink. Each person takes a turn stating something. Everyone else then takes a drink if that phrase was true for them. Example: Somone says, “I never got a traffic ticket.” If that phrase was true for anyone else, they would not take a drink, but if it wasn’t true, then they would take a drink.

One-Up One-Down
Everyone again is in a circle. Each person takes a turn guessing whether or not they are “Both up”, “Both down”, or “One up, One Down”. Nobody is told exactly how to determine this. If they are wrong, they take a drink. The one organizing the game obviously knows how to determine this (It refers to your hands at the time of your turn. Both up, both down, or one up and one down.) Most people pick up on it eventually, but some go a long time without getting it.

Quarter Bouncing
I never played this one myself, but I saw a small group of 5 playing it at a party one night. Objects needed are a shot glass and a quarter. Object of the game is to bounce the quarter only once on the table and into the shot glass. If you miss, you take a drink. People got drunk really quick on this game.

Grinch Party
Everyone watches “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and every time somone in the movie says the word, “Who” everyone takes a drink. I’ve also heard it called a, “Toga-Grinch” party, where everyone dresses in togas and does this. Again, people get really drunk really fast in this one.

So what drinking games do you enjoy, or used to enjoy?

Each person takes a drink if that phrase was NOT true for them. Sorry about that.

The Pirates of the Caribbean drinking game was a horrible success. You just drink every time someone says “pirate”. I swear, that word comes up at least thirty times in the first 5 minutes.

Most of my drunken parties involved a movie drinking game of some sort. I can’t remamber any of the others right now, though. Must have killed off those memory cells. :slight_smile:

I Never was a common game at those parties too, but I avoided playing quarters because I’m terrible at it.

“One Fat Hen”…one of those drinking games that gets progressively worse the more you drink, and hence the more you fail. Everybody has to say a phrase, if you get it wrong you have to take a drink. It usually goes from one to ten, but everyone seems to have their own variations.

**BizzBuzz: **
Simple (in theory) counting game. Going in a circle starting at 1 you say Biz for every multiple of 3 or number ending in 3, Buzz for every multiple of 7 or number ending in 7 and BizzBuzz is it is a combinations like 21 (3x7) or 27 3[sup]3[/sup] and ends in a 7. The game reverses direction every time Bizz or Buzz is said and if you mess up you drink. You then start over at 1.

I used to play **Quarters ** with JD or Bacardi 151.

We also played Hi Bob, drink everytime someones says “Hi, Bob” on the Bob Newhart show.


This is ancient history, but I used to enjoy a weird drinking game called “Zoom Schwartz”. It involved saying those two words, and two others, I think, based on a complex set of rules. Each word had a rule or two, and the game was essentially a conversation made up of these words and rules. The person who broke a rule drank, and then it started over with the loser saying “Zoom” to someone, who had to respond according to the rules. Does anyone else remember this?

The card game Asshole is still a favorite, for those times I actually still play drinking games, which is to say almost never anymore.

Damn, I did not think anyone else knew of that silly game. “Zoom Schwartz Pafigliano”, some strange rules about pointing with left or right Elbows and etc. I last played probably when I was 22. Believe it or not, google to the rescue: Zoom, Schwartz, Profigliano | Brew This!


Thanks, Jim. It’s good to know that I didn’t hallucinate Zoom, Schwartz. I can’t get to that site from work. I’ll check it out later.

The only one I know is Liar’s Dice.

Zoom, Schwartz, Profigliano (or Z.S.P.) was a hoot. Our rules were:

“Zoom” starts play and gives “it” to someone new, the person the speaker is looking at. You cannot return a zoom with a zoom, however.

“Schwartz” returns “it” to the player who gave “it” to you. You can only “Schwartz” a player who gave “it” to you, and only if you’re looking at the person. Two people may “Schwartz” each other indefinitely.

“Profigliano” is a fakeout; it returns “it” to the player who gave “it” to you, but you must be looking at someone else.

From there you go to advanced rules, such as (if I remember correctly): “Coleman,” which gives “it” to the person to the right of the person being looked at, “Butterman,” which gives “it” to the person to the left of the person being looked at, and “Uncle Toby,” which causes the person being looked at to answer “Yeeeeesssss?” in a low deep voice, and then “it” goes to the player who went two plays before. After that it gets complicated.

My crowd did not have the mental agility for your version. It comes back to me now that “Piffle” was our fourth and final word, but I can’t remember the rule that went with it. I think those brain cells are gone.

For the most part we just played with the basic rules, which were surprisingly easy once you got them down. One I always heard about but never played was “Chug Boat” (or “Beer Trek”), a Hi Bob style game centered around watching Love Boat or Star Trek. Each person takes a character and drinks whenever their character made an appearance. The Pacific Princess and Enterprise themselves counted as characters. If you had an episode centered around your character it supposedly got pretty rough.

Beer Pong.

Regular Style --> a cup of beer in the center of the table on each side. You play regular ping-pong, keeping score normally, except if your opponent puts the ball in your cup. They get 3 points and you have to slam the beer.

Beirut Style --> 2 teams of two with 10 cups filled with beer arranged in a pyramid on each side of the table. Each team a a few feet back from the table you take turns throwing the ball into their cups. Hit a cup, they chug the beer. First team to take out all their opponents cups wins.

Beirut is the greatest game that has ever existed, ever. I have a thread on it I started a while ago…here it is.

And I thank you for getting the difference between beirut and beer pong. People have a habit of calling beirut beer pong…they’re wrong! Beer pong uses paddles! Beirut involves throwing, a pyramid, and awesomeness.

That reminds me of another one my roommate played once. I don’t remember the name, but each person in the group basically makes up a rule on their turn. The rule could be anything, just so long as all those playing abide by the rules. Every person playing had to remember to abide by the rules. If they forgot one, they would have to take a drink. As the rules start to add up, it starts getting complicated.

Since I don’t drink, it was fun to watch everyone else making up and consequentially forgetting the rules. To include me, they made up a rule that every time somone said my name, they had to touch my nose. There was also a rule stating that "All the guys shall now be called ‘Bruce’ and all the women shall all be called ‘Sheila’. Since I wasn’t drunk, I had a blast intentionally making people forget the rules:

Me: Hey, what was his name again?
Game player: Sam… I mean BRUCE! DAMN! <<Takes a drink>>


Required: 2 dice and a coffee cup

Dice are rolled under the cup; the roller then calls out the value without showing anyone else the dice. Dice are read with the highest number in the tens spot with the exception of doubles and ‘Mexicali’ (twenty-one, normally the lowest role) which beats every roll. The next person rolls the dice under the cup and must call out a roll equal to or higher than the prior roll. Your job is to tell if its the truth or a lie. if he’s lying, pick up the cup. Liars drink, picking up the cup on a truthful call makes you drink.

Values, from lowest to highest: thirty-one, thirty-two, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, sixty-one, sixty-two, sixty-three, sixty-four, sixty-five, double ones, double twos, double threes, double fours, double fives, double sixes, Mexicali.

We played this! I almost never lost; I was good at cheating.

Quarters was very popular. I was real good at it (even without rolling it off my nose).

Bizzbuzz was also played, but not as much.

I rocked at the quarter bounce, if I do say so myself.

Like some of the previous posters, the brain cells that housed info about the more complicated games have sadly passed on.

A fun one is to watch What the Bleep Do We Know and drink every time they make an unfounded assumption.

I lasted about 20 minutes.