Suicidal Drinking Games

The other night I was hanging around my usual buddies. I had brought over an anime DVD, “Colorful”. We have kind of a running drinking game for anime: Drink for seizure-inducing flashes, drink for fan service, etc. The rule that did us in: Drink for panty shots.

Now, on the back cover of Colorful is this little poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue, this show is about panties.”

We had to drink about eight times through the opening credits. About a quarter of the way through the disc, we started making up rules when NOT to drink:

“That’s a swimsuit bottom. Don’t drink.”
“We’ve already seen hers. Don’t drink.”
“Bra shots don’t count.”
“Bare ass doesn’t count.”
“Not enough exposure, it doesn’t count.”
“For the love of God, skip the credits!”

Even with those rules in effect, we didn’t make it halfway through the disc. We gave up, ejected the disc, put in South Park: BLU and passed out before Stan searches the internet for the clitoris.

In retrospect, it was a pretty dumb idea, considering we’d already had a few before we put Colorful in. The only worse drinking game idea I can come up with is to watch Casino and drink every time you hear the word “fuck”.

But somehow I know you people have had worse ideas.

If you are a liberal,

Watch Fox News and everytime you get pissed off at the comentator, drink a shot.

Back in the spring of 2000, one of my apartmentmates and I thought of a neat drinking game: watch TV for half an hour, and take a shot every time you see or hear the phrase “.com”. Fortunately, we weren’t dumb enough to actually try it.

History Channel: Drink when Hitler’s picture comes on.

Trading Spaces: a shot every time you feel like slapping the squeak out of Paige’s voice :smiley:

Rob Zombie Drinking Game: Every time he says “Yeah”, drink.

You won’t make it past the first two songs, guaranteed.

Not only did I help create a well-know drinking game, I even got creditedd for it. Sadly, WCW is dead, so it isn’t really playable any more.

Play Halo and every time you die take a drink, the more you drink the worse you play and you have to drink more and more…we did this with everclear mixed with some really strong lemonade(you should try it it takes the edge off) I call it Lemonclear ™ note that we are in college and only drink to get drunk…

God, sounds even worse than Agent Aika…shudder

The Star Trek: The Next Generation drinking game. Every time you can compare the show unfavorably to Babylon 5, take a shot.

The ultimate Bad Idea drinking game:

Watch Arthur. When Arthur drinks, you drink.

Watch Dr. Who (or Blake’s 7 etc).

Every time the set wobbles, take a swig.
Alternatively, watch Withnail & I. Match it drink for drink (you’re allowed to skip the lighter fluid).

hey I thought of a new one…Watch the Drew Carey Show and every time they’re at the bar or drinking a beer…drink

Sex and the City - drink everytime you spot an ironic post-feminist cliche

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off drinking game. If I recall correctly, we tried it every time someone said either “Ferris” “Bueller” or “Cameron”.

We had to modify that one.

The B5 game, when the show becomes unbearable pretentious, or makes ANOTHER reference to 20th Century history, take a swig. I’d not make it…

The game is called “RX/RL.” One team picks RX, the other RL. You then play “Roxanne” by the Police, and drink every time you hear your assigned phrase (RX= Roxanne, RL=Red Light). This can be dangerous, depending on what you’re drinking, especially as you get to the end of the song, and if you put the CD on random so it comes on occasionally throughout the party. Ouch.

No, no, you play this with Deep Space Nine, not TNG. If I played THAT game, I’d be put in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. (Please note that I like DS9 hugely, but B5 sort of rescued me from rabid Trekkieness. No offence to rabid Trekkies, I still like the shows, except for Enterprise!)

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Drink whenever Jack does something swishy.

Watch Armageddon. Drink whenever a law of physics is broken. If you’re really feeling adventurous, make it a double-feature with The Core.

Watch a NASCAR race. Drink whenever the announcers say something that would make Beavis & Butthead giggle. (Heheheh… dude, he just said Mark Martin’s up in his rear end!)

The Big Lebowski game was…interesting the one time I did it. Every time the Dude drinks, you drink; every time someone calls the Dude “Dude” or any variant, you drink; every time Walter references Vietnam or tells Donny to “shut the f*** up” you drink; and since that isn’t nearly enough, every time a memorable line comes up, you drink.

Why did a roll of TP end up in the sink? Who knows! Why did Mike end up passed out in the closet? Who knows! Did we watch the second half of the movie? Who knows!

Richard Pryor - Live on the Sunset Strip.

Drink every time he says, “Fuck”.