Suicide - Least fuss, maximum organ preservation

This is in no way something I’ve been considering, I’m just quite interested in the subject.

Would it be possible for a person to commit suicide in such a way that many of their organs would be harvestable for donation? I’ve done a lot of reading online and on boards here on the subject, and I know that most donated organs come from accidents or strokes. But could a person attempt this with any success? How?

So far I’ve been thinking that severing the femoral artery after ensuring you’d be found by medical personnel, then driving a sharp knife through an eye-socket would do the trick.

I think that’s the plot of the film Seven Pounds though I haven’t seen the ending. Will Smith wants to donate his organs and I think he used a jellyfish to kill himself.

Synopsis for Seven Pounds:
“Tim then fills the motel bathtub with ice water to preserve his vital organs, calls 9-1-1 emergency and reports his own suicide, climbs into the tub, and releases his box jellyfish into the water with him. The jellyfish wraps its tentacles around his arm, causing a quick but excruciatingly painful death.”

Why not a bullet through the brain instead? They can’t do brain transplants anyhow. A lot less pain, and no risk of toxin anaphylaxis in the organ recievers!

Actually, I believe the greatest obstacle might be that any suspected suicide would presumably require an autopsy. And doctors would probably, for several reasons, be hesitant to use organs from a suicide victim for transplants.

Maybe they didn’t want people to copy the movie… by making the suicide extremely painful it would stop people wanting to copy it…

Maximum organ viability is going to be ensured by being braindead but otherwise alive. Once the heart stops beating you are swiftly down to only be most basic of harvestable bits (cornea perhaps). How you manage a targeted higher brain functioning death, but preserve enough lower brain to maintain breathing is going to be a challenge. Whether there are selective neuro-toxins or other specific insult possible, I have no idea.

This above post is full of truth!

A whole bunch of years ago I had a suicide call where the person went to a neighbors
home and asked them to call 911 and then went out in their yard and put a .22 pistol to the head and pulled the trigger. it was a 16 mile trip to the scene and 28+ miles to the hospital. The Pt was unresponsive initially then conscious and alert the entire trip and was telling us that she/he wanted his/her organs donated.
The bullet never entered the skull, and this Pt. was certain that death was imminent.
This Pt. then got the help necessary and lived for a long time before the dreaded C took him/her.

Isn’t there a drug/drug cocktail used to make the organs more viable for transplant?

I heard this in connection to Chinese sentenced to death.
Before the government realized the value of transplantable organs, the sentences were carried out immediately. This story has the condemned being fed a drug(s) for a few days to condition his/her organs for maximum value on the transplant organ market.

Even if there is no such drug, the maximum value would require being in a hospital and having the staff know you are about to die.

Best bet would to go into a coma and having someone unplug the respirator. In the surgical suite, with lots of little coolers handy. And have all the intended recipients prepped in nearby facilities with the transplant teams on call.

But first:
Find a jurisdiction in which you can actually get paid for the organs.
I suspect a heart-lung suite brings a pretty penny

Here us a case study (warning: Heavy-Duty Medispeak):

Both unsurvivable gunshot to right temple PLUS acetaminophen overdose.

Extra-crunchy bonus: the acetaminophen overdose was enough to destroy the liver, but acetaminophen is a delayed-action toxin. Patient had taken the pills and then went to his room and shot himself.

The patient was brain dead, in a hospital with permission t transplant both organs and tissues (patient was 17; parents wanted the donations,

Whatever you do, do it as close to the emergency room of a hospital as you can get. You may not be able to actually get into on carrying a gun, but you may be able to get on the street in front of one. Hang a sign around your neck saying in large letters that you want to donate your organs, and a pouch with signed papers going into more details to the same effect.

I gather the responses here are somewhat jocularly technical on advising about suicide methods, but if you decide to keep on living, consider regular blood and platelet donations. I’ve got 160+ donations; most of the last half were through the apheresis method (i.e. they take platelets and/or other blood components and give me back everything else - it takes longer, but I can safely donate twice a month) and I’m told it’s valuable and lifesaving.

How about freezing to death? Would that ‘preserve’ the organs, or actually make them detoriate too much? Then, is an industrial freezer or ice room a possibility?

(PS - agree with Bryan above - I got to 99 plasma donations before I had to stop. I advise everyone I know to look at blood donations. It’s one of the few things you can do that you KNOW has 100% positive results and ZERO negative.)

I was thinking this too ! The note could say your blood type too and family and doctor name and phone # to made sure it’s OK to use your organs.

If you could walk up to a desk in the ER during a slow hour, place a notarized piece of paper stating your intention to donate everything possible, verbally repeated it, then shot yourself in the forehead, that might do it.

Are you looking for answers in the form of organ donation to be re-used, or donation for studies?

I know at least two pro football players that shot themselves in the chest so that their brains could be studied for the impact of football on brain injuries and concussions.

Dave Duerson

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When body tissues freeze ice crystals form and burst the cells. When you thaw this out you get soup. What you want to try to do is to get cold enough to shut your body and brain down, killing you, without actually freezing any of the water in the body. I’m not sure if that’s possible.

And how are you guys donating that much blood? I thought you could only donate once every 6 months or something?

Every eight weeks, maximum of 5 times a year, last I looked. (Red Cross)

Swimming in very cold water would do the trick. It is fairly common for people who fall off of boats to die from hypothermia, not drowning.

If you donate plasma the blood is extracted, then spun down and separated into components - basically plasma and the rest of the blood (red blood cells etc). About half of the total blood volume is plasma.

The plasma is stored for use, and the remaining blood product is put back into the body with an artificial plasma-substitute. So you are hooked up to the apheresis machine for about 1-2 hours and the blood goes out of your arm and then back in (in practice, there are about 3-4 in-out cycles, taking about 250mls each time).

You can donate plasma (in Australia at least) every 2 weeks. Full blood donation is every 3 months.