Suicide letters

Today started off wrong when I was awaken with a phone call.

To make a long story short Someone I knew committed suicide.
This news resurfaced a morbid interest I have had since my teens.

The art of suicide letters.

Many are depressing, some are written to be light hearted, some write it out as a poem, some are patriotic.

Is there a listing out on the web (my google skills are poor) that has listed famous(persons) or not so famous(persons) suicide letters?

I do not want to get into a debate over the act itself. That can be addressed in another thread if someone desires.

thank you in advance.

There’s some here. (WARNING: some of this site is potentially work unsafe. This page is safe, though).

There was the man, I believe he is unidentified to this day, who commit suicide in a hotel room leaving the only the enigmatic note “I walk a lonely street”

The inspiration for Heartbreak Hotel

Or not to be…