jdimbert is a graphic artist, and I bought her a copy of Suitcase (for the Mac) several versions ago because one of her mentors suggested it.

She does design work and I am her help desk. It’s a nice relationship. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t think we’re using Suicase to it’s full potential. Here is my understanding:

Suitcase is a wonderful product that allows you to use fonts without “installing” them into your System Folder, thus saving space on your HD. It also makes it easier to load fonts you need just once, or to pack things up to take to the Printer.

Am I missing anything? That just doesn’t seem like it. I hear too much praise for this app for that to be all it does.

Also - Let’s say she wants to use 2 fonts, from different CD’s. Will Suitcase allow her to keep both in the same suitcase?

Any and all information is appreciated!

sdimbert, hi, I’ve used Suitcase for the past six years, and then just recently switched over to FontReserve.

Suitcase allows you to group fonts into “suitcases”.
That is, you can choose which of your fonts to have active at any given time, temporarily, permanently every time you boot up your Mac, or not at all in some cases. You can have the same fonts in different suitcases this way, because the suitcases are really more like aliases calling for the font’s listed within. You will still have to have all the fonts on your hard drive, but they don’t all have to be active, meaning, not in your system folder…
This saves you some memory…
That’s it. Suitcase was meant to manage fonts into categories. So for example, jdimbert wants three sets of fonts for three different types of documents/files she is working on. This way, she knows where and what fonts exactly are needed for any specific job she has created, and no font’s will conflict with any others that aren’t active.
She can leave only a few fonts in the system folder, and create a set that stays on permanently in suitcase if she wants as well… This could be in case she wants to turn off all fonts and use only system fonts… again, helps save some RAM.
That’s all it does.
FontReserve is the same thing really, but it saves more information about the document with the document (Usually in QuarkXPress and Illustrator) so that you don’t have to actually load the fonts anymore, it opens the correct ones for you, and only those ones…
What version of Suitcase did you buy?
3.0 was my favorite, but then it changed hands, and the newest version has lots of bugs IMO.

And, to answer your last question, yes, she can use two fonts from different CD’s (not at the same time though), but they have to be copied somewhere, for the suitcase to be able to call on them.
I suggest another drive, or a partition in the drive for just fonts if she will be using suitcase heavily.