So we’re going to 7 games. Damn.


Check my location.

(The Astros just lost to the Cards.)

Although I don’t follow sports, I hope the Astros win.

Thank you! Roger will be pitching tomorrow. So we have a better chance. Astros and Bosox in the World Series, bay-bee!

Jeff Kent can bite my ass. I’m not so much rooting for the Cards, as I am against the Astros.

I felt the same about the Boston in that I was rooting against NY more than for Boston, but they’ve given baseball one of the most amazing postseason series we’ll ever see, so they’ve earned my support outright.

What’s your prob with Kent?

Check his location.

And just to add some symmetry to this thread:


Go Astros!


Every time the Astros come to town, he goes on the radio and runs his mouth, insulting the residents of the Bay Area.

A fine way to repay the fans who cheered him even when he was an asshole playing for us.

Fuck 'im.

Oh well, you won’t hear from him until next year…

People actually care about that other series?

I forgot it was even going on. :cool:

But you’ll hear from him plenty. He has a way of completely alienating himself from his fans. Wait and see.

And thanks for jinxing your team by using Cardinal red in your other post. :wink:

The other series is to determine who the Yankees must whip for the World Series. A minor matter, of no real consequence, you see. :wink:

I’d say there’s a more major matter, of rather serious consequence, for you to take care of first. :wink:

Red is not a jinx.

Go Cards. Not so much because I follow baseball, but because I live in St. Louis, and my Dad’s been a fan since he was a boy living in Arkansas, and the Cards winning makes him happy.

Go Cards.

Dad’s very happy tonight.

Fuck the Cardinals.

Not only am I a 'Stros fan, having grown up in Houston, but Dad has season tickets and I was angling for World Series seats. St. Louis hath deprived me.

Again: Fuck the Cardinals.

Now now, both teams played a great series, and both teams should be proud.

But the Cards still won.