Summarize something (tv, movie, book) you like to make it sound stupid

I’ve noticed over the years that it’s very common on this board for people to give a quick summary of a movie they saw, book they read, etc. that makes it sound totally inane. It’s generally amusing. It’s also generally something that the person writing the summary actually didn’t like and thinks badly of.

It occurs to me, however, that you could summarize just about any book or movie or tv series/show to make it sound just as stupid. So let’s try it! Take a movie you really like or a book you really respect or whatever, and summarize it in a way that it sounds totally lame.

I’d start but I don’t think I’m witty enough. I’d like to challenge those on the board who are, however. Give it a shot! it could be funny :slight_smile:

House–The adventures of a pill popping pain-in-the-ass American (played by a Brit, no less) doctor who cannot get a diagnosis right the first time. Or the second. Or the third, fourth, fifth. And he works in a teaching hospital? What type of doctors would such a person turn out?

This isn’t mine, but:

“A young girl is transported to a surreal landscape where she kills the first person she meets, then teams up with 3 others to kill yet again.” (The Wizard of Oz)

Cloverfield: A giant monster and a doofus with a camera keep running into each other in New York. Disembowelment occurs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Three of the most beautiful people ever are high school outcasts because they fight vampires at night. Except no one knows they fight vampires.

King of the Hill: An uptight man and his bitchy wife raise a future metrosexual in Texas.

How’s that?

Gray’s Anatomy - a show about the hospital from coincidence city, where the person you don’t want to see the most will always be waiting for the elevator when you get off; where every rare and esoteric malady, no matter how obscure, will eventually rear it’s head, and where half of the staff won’t react appropriately to the other half because they’ve had sex with either them, their best friend, their wife, their ex-wife or, I suspect, their dog.

Moby Dick – a cripple goes whale hunting.

Oooh these are good, and only 15 minutes into the thread! So far I think Eutychus has done it best. That’s dead-on! Ha! And I watch that show and love it :slight_smile:

Idiot overweened twit marries some old guy and is surprised when he turns out to be an asshole. Meanwhile some stupid clothshosre marries the guy she should have.
Then she gives up her fortune to marry some feckless jerk.

Middlemarch. One of my favorite books of all time.

Carrie–Religions nut’s daughter proves getting her cycle really can be a bloody curse.

A couple of little guys go far out of their way to return a long-lost piece of jewelry to where it was made.

Lord of the Rings

An old woman roams the country, secretly murdering people and framing others for the crime. - Murder She Wrote

*Jesus was single because no wife would ever buy the resurrection. She sees him on Friday and he leaves with twelve guys. He doesn’t come back till Monday.

‘And where have you been, Mr. Wine-Maker?’

‘Not that it matters…but I was dead!’*

(Words to that effect…Sam Kinison)

While not exactly what the OP asked for, check out the Book-A-Minute site.

The ultra-condensed version of Othello:

A couple of yuppies die and are forced to haunt their own home, which they do ineptly. A gross dead guy tries to help them. To reggae music.

Beetlejuice, one of my all-time faves.

Three escaped convicts – two borderline retarded and one who talks entirely too much – zig-zag across the Depression-era depressing landscape of rural Mississippi on a futile quest to recover buried treasure. One unbelievable adventure after another culminates in their being named to the governor’s cabinet.

O Brother Where Art Thou?, which I adore and have seen approximately eleventy-hunnert times. (“Damn! We’re in a tight spot!”)

Loser tries to impress troubled co-worker with his gardening skills; gives mobility-challenged alien human meat and the opportunity to decimate the planet.-- Little Shop of Horrors.

Eric Berne’s “Martian” interpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

One day LRRH’s mother sent her through the woods to bring food to her grandmother, and on the way she met a wolf. What kind of a mother sends a little girl into a forest where there are wolves? Why didn’t her mother do it herself, or go along with LRRH? If grandmother was so helpless, why did mother leave her all by herself in a hut far away? But if LRRH had to go, how come her mother had never warned her never to stop and talk to wolves?

…the moral of the story is not that innocent maidens should keep out of forests where there are wolves, but that wolves should keep away from innocent-looking maidens and their grandmothers…

A western town gets a new sheriff. (Yeah, heard THAT one before!) Blazing Saddles

A young accountant helps with the books. The Producers

A boy takes a bus trip.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

From Shrinklits:

“Monster Grendel’s tastes are plain-ish.
Breakfast? Just a couple Danish!”

And lobotomyboy63, from Star Trek Deep Space Nine: (after Bashir tells the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf) Garak says that the point of the story is “That you should never tell the same lie twice.”

There’s this girl, okay? And she likes this guy, who’s like, a total pussy but he’s the only guy around she hasn’t really dated yet. Then she finds out he’s going to get married, so she gets pissed off and marries some other guy. He’s a pussy too, but he dies almost right away so it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately the girl was already knocked up. So she has the kid but she doesn’t care about it and her family takes care of it for her. The guy she likes is fighting in a war, so she starts hanging out with his family and his new wife so she can keep up with what he’s doing. At the same time, she’s dating this other guy who’s a pretty shady character and kind of a jerk. But at least he buys her stuff.

Um, this is a really long book, and I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone, so in closing I just want to say, you should all go and read Gone With the Wind for yourselves!


The ghost of the father of Hamlet asks him to revenge his murder by Hamlet’s uncle. So Hamlet agonises about this a lot, and kills his girlfriend’s father, his girlfriend, two of his own friends, his girlfriend’s brother and (indrectly) his mother, before finally getting round to killing his uncle.