Summer fashion for men?

What’s going to look good this summer? Cutoffs and Hawaiian shirts? Sandals and black socks? Khaki cargo shorts and white polo shirts? Stripes? Polka dots? Do you think that vintage Black Sabbath Ts might make a comeback, and if so, what’s a reasonable price to pay for one?

Floral swim suits, or solids? Is black a color? Is white?

Graphic T-shirts, usually something in the gray/green/white/yellow/red/purple or other color family, and camo cargo shorts. Sometimes a solid-color polo shirt instead. Brown leather flip-flops. Dark red nail polish optional.

(I’m describing my uniform most days. Except when I wear manpris. Maybe you shouldn’t follow my fashion advice.)

Stick with the classics- linen or cotton button-down shirts in light solids or stripes, khaki shorts (pleats or not, personal preference), polo-collared shorts, perhaps a Reyn Spooner shirt. Top Siders with no socks are always in style. Think Tommy Bahama or Ralph Lauren.

Graphic t-shirts are for college students.

Hmmm, that’s pretty much what I wear during the summer as well. Although I’m not male… :smiley:

I was at a bar in Lakeview the other day and noticed a lot of guys wearing baggy plaid shorts. Yech. Fashion trends are weird.

I’m betting on plaid Madras shorts with a solid Polo shirt. I bought a couple pair from J Crew and my GF was immediately like “those are grandpa shorts”. Sure enough, we went out to Fire Island (Ocean Beach, not the gay section although the gay dudes were wearing them on the train out) and like every guy is wearing them. Camo cargo shorts are so last year.

I also have a knack for picking out “the shirt” each season. Last year was a shear black Ralph Lauren Polo with a red logo. The year before was a bright traffic cone orange polo shirt from J Crew or The Gap (no logo).

Or the unemployed college student in all of us.

Sarongs and wingtips.

Shhhh. Nobody tell him until after the next dopefest.

Skin, baby.

I’ll be naked all weekend (good thing, too - it is supposed to hit 100 degrees here Saturday).

Dude, I said summer. Sarongs and wingtips after Memorial Day? I don’t think so!

Right. After Memorial Day, it’s sarongs and spectators.

With dark socks and those 1940s-style garters, of course! :smiley:

Seriously, I live in khaki shorts and T-shirts (most are either Olympics, history-related, flags, or Planetary Society) all summer. Very comfy.


Mostly black t-shirts, fitting (not tight) jeans, and non-dress shoes (although not sneakers).

Come to think of it, that’s the same thing I wore last summer.

And y’know what? Come to think of it…

(I’m boring)

I’ll stick with my traditional wardrobe. Shorts that are about one inch too tight in the waist, a stained t-shirt, dark socks and sandals.

Socks and sandals - what’s the point? Besides looking like a geezer? Sandals are for letting your feet go somewhat free.

I usually just see guys wearing cargo khaki or flat-front shorts (no pleats, make you look fat, and not too short, close to knee length, no jean shorts aka jorts) and plain t-shirts or polos. It’s what my dad wears (although he has all Harley or island location t-shirts bought on vacation), my brother, my boyfriend, my guy friends wear pretty much. Long as you get decent looking clothes that fit well you should always look fine.

My vote goes for the guayabera, although as a straight guy I’m not sure I get a vote. I think it’s cool to show up to a party where every dude is wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt, and you’re rocking a look that says “I am going to win a lot of money at the track and then I will spend it foolishly, possibly on you. Note that there is no velcro anywhere near me.” A Panama hat does wonders for this look.

I just called my husband and asked him.

He has informed me that you can never, EVER go wrong with a vintage Black Sabbath t-shirt. They are a fashion staple and along with beer logo t-shirts and concert jerseys are a must for any well-dressed man.

He also commented that I must be very, very bored today if I was calling him about this but that is neither here nor there.

Aww, I just graduated. ::throws away wardrobe::

I actually own a whole bunch of big boy clothes, they’re all just still in boxes from the move, and I don’t have to worry as much about wrinkled T-shirts. Of course, 5 days a week I’m wearing a solid blue shirt because of my work uniform anyway.

I hate the way seersucker looks and feels (like it’s short a bowtie, straw boater and spats), so I picked up a white herringbone blazer at the Dockers store a couple weeks ago and it goes with everything. It was massively discounted, too.

Not on a recent college students salary. Better off with nearsucker.

I dunno. Guayaberas always make me think of old men sitting at a cafe, drinking tiny cups of strong coffee and arguing about politics or soccer or whatever it is old Latino men like to argue about. But then, that’s because the person in my life who most often wore them was an older, opinionated friend of my family from when I was a child. So if you don’t want young(ish) Latinas to be reminded of their dads and abuelos when they see you, stick to polo shirts or seersucker. :wink: