Summer Fun Cthulhu Plush Toy -- I MUST OWN THIS!!!

I’m considering selling my body for the cash to buy the Summer Fun Cthulhu plush, along with the Santa Cthulhu.

Summer Fun Cthulhu

Santa Cthulhu

Was there EVER a cooler thing on the WHOLE PLANET?!?!

Opal, you find the coolest swag!


Wouldn’t selling your soul be more appropriate? I’m just saying.

Sniff :frowning:

All I’ve got is a plain old vanilla Cthulu dolly.

Cthulu? :confused:

[sub]I know who Cthulu is… in the vague sort of way that I know who the regulars at work are. Don’t hit me.[/sub]

Nifters! A Lovecraft and Sanrio joint venture. I myself am holding out for the Shuggoth Cuddle-kin™ (“they make damnation fun!”).

I have a plush Cthulhu sitting atop my computer as I type this. I picked it up at Arisia, one of the two Boston-area SF cons. It’s a plain, unadorned model – no Bermuda Shorts or Santa stuff. Our daughter has one too, and she gleefully takes the noisome and gelid thing to bed with her. She thinks it’s “cute”

There is a CafePress store [not mine] that has “Hello Cthulhu” designs. Cthulhu in Hello Kitty style drawing. It’s precious.

Cthulu is unknowable and terrible to behold

If you go here, you can also pick up Nyarlethotep. They say Secret Agent Cthulhu and Super Hero Cthulhu are also in the works.

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

But if you go here you can complete your Pokethulhu miniatures collction

Somehow I never figured the Crawling Chaos would look quite like that.

What, cute and plushy? It’s all the rage this eon.

Yes! That’s exactly what mine looks like.

An artist friend of mine did a picture of Nyarlathotep once. It showed him as an austere-looking Egyptian. “Nyarlathotep doesn’t look like that,” I said, remembering the “Crawling Chaos”. “Yes, he does,” my friend responded. So I looked it up in Lovecraft – in his first appearance, Nyarlarthotep is described as an Egyptian priest. (Hence, apparently, the Imhotep-like name). The “Crawling Chaos” part came later.

Hey Flutterby, I’ve always wondered too. I mean, I figured it was a reference to a mythological god, but never knew the exact reference.

Plugging “Who is Cthulhu?” in Ask Jeeves ( ) yielded this website:

After a few more clicks of links, I found this page:

Yeah. That clears it up.

I’m still waiting on Issac Azathoth and Gnarly Hotep (the surfer with a thousand toes).

I’ve read all the Lovecraft stories, and like them, but in retrospect I don’t really recall him describing any of the evil ones in enough detail to make plush…

“It was horrible! The antediluvian anthropoid had a twisting and faceless mask that shifted grotesquely, opening its monstrous yaw to the ancient rhythms of timeless evil samba bands… Words cannot describe its profound horror…”

Still, pretty cool.

I have all of them exept the Summer Fun one- its in the mail. They are really nifty, although they got the shade of green wrong.