Help me find a (rumored) toy!!

I will admit it up front: I am a Cthulu stuffed toy freak. Got ‘em all so far: the large fuzzy stuffed Cthulu. The mini Cthulu. The Christmas Cthulu. A couple of the spawn o’ Cthulu.

A friend has told me he has seen a goth Cthulu stuffed toy for sale in a store - silver lame and black instead of the normal green. Nothing shows up on a google search except the regular items I have. And of course he can’t remember the name of the store (he was on a business trip in a different city and forgot to get a business card).

Can anyone help me find one? Or is my friend yanking my proverbial chain? I am not normally a materialistic person, but for Cthulu, I’ll make an exception.

I’ve never seen the one you’re talking about, but you might want to try they had a lot of Cthulhu stuff the last time I checked, mainly the green plush one and some action figures, but maybe they’ve gotten more. I’ve heard rumors of a Shub Nigurath doll, but I can’t find that one.

I found this little guy on eBay.

friggae, that might be it. Just wish I could see a picture of it. Thanks.

Um… there’s a picture at the bottom of the auction. This one, to be exact.

Perhaps this .

::smacks self upside the head::

Thank you both. If it’s obvious, I dont see it.