Summer songs

I’m aware of the phenomenon of the “summer song” in certain European countries; that is, one or more lightweight, repetitive pop ditties are released at the beginning of the summer, to be played ad nauseam on the radio and blasted out of everybody’s car stereo or CD player toted to the beach. I think it happens in the U.S. as well, except no one explicitly says, “OK, this is the official pop song of Summer '07” or whatever. Dopers, which song (as described above) do you nominate for this year? In my location, it seemed “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne was the one, but lately it appears to have been edged out by “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston. The one that’s currently annoying me is a new release by in which the phrase “she’s sexy like her mama” is repeated over and over until I’m tempted to take a sledgehammer to my radio.

Well, I spent the weekend at a friends shore house and every five minutes we heard Rhiannas “Umbrella”

I agree with Rihanna’s, Umbrella. I her it all the time. I also think Justin Timberlake’s, Summer Love, is a summer song for this year. Actually, a lot of his new songs have been playing all summer long. And recently each time I get in the car and turn on the radio I hear T - Pain’s, Buy U A Drank, over and over and over again.