Sunday Morning Puzzle 2

Due to the positive response for last week’s puzzle, I’ll try this again (Keep those cards and letters coming). Remember, the Sunday puzzle was a family tradition to give something for everyone to ponder on the quietest day of the week. Sometimes the correct answer wouldn’t occur to anyone until late in the afternoon or evening. Here goes:
My Uncle Vincent is a somewhat eccentric collector. His pride and joy is a large room of stuffed toys. Well, actually, “toys” is probably the wrong word for them. Each stuffed figure or animal is of the highest quality. On one wall, for instance, there are two life-sized stuffed Porpoises lined up to appear as if jumping in unison from some unseen sea. The lifelike similarities are amazing. Another area of the room is Old West-themed. Here is a mounted wild Pony that sits perched on a crag above a painted cliff. Just below, Cowboys and Indians commune 'round a campfire. By the single door is a Grizzly Bear that shows its pointed teeth in a menacing fashion. This is very effective in keeping the grandkids out. All in all there are over thirty pieces in the room, many of natural or historical museum quality.

My uncle limits himself to only getting one new piece a year for his “museum”, and he usually gets that piece just about now. In fact, he is heading out on a trip this week to get a new stuffed creature. Vincent is a playful fellow and every year the routine is the same. He tells us that he has decided that the room needs an Owl. “It doesn’t matter if the Owl is a Barn Owl, a Screech Owl, or even a Great Horned Owl,” he says. "All it matters is that the Owl is of SUPERB quality–perfect in every detail! " (That’s my uncle in a nutshell–he only likes the very best!)

Anyway, he says this every year, always promising to bring back some extraordinary Owl. However he has yet to actually bring back an Owl. Two years ago when he said this he came back instead with a large stuffed Horse. Last year he again said the same Owl thing but returned with a stuffed Bighorn Sheep. It is one of my favorites in his collection.

My question then, is this: When my dear but wacky uncle goes out to buy his “superb” Owl this year, which will he bring back–a stuffed pre-historic Woolly Mammoth or a stuffed Black-feathered Jackdaw?

You can’t buy a stuffed mammoth because they’re extinct! What would the taxidermist work on?

Got to be the Jackdaw.

I’m gonna vote for the wooly mammoth. A black-feathered jackdaw is not a species of owl.

Maybe it’s just the Superbowl influence, but it sounds to me like Uncle Vince is collecting the NFL mascots of past SuperbOwl winners. He’s already got:

Dolphins (Porpoises)
Colts (Pony)
Bears (Grizzly)
Broncos (Horse)
Rams (Bighorn sheep)

So we won’t know until later today if he will bring home a Giant Woolly Mammoth or a Blackbird. Uncle Vince’s last name wouldn’t be Lombardi, would it?

It will be the Black feathered JackDaw as that is a species of Crow. Or perhaps a Raven.

Congratulations aseymayo. However it remains to be seen who actually answered the question correctly first.