Sunday Morning Puzzle #69 --Another Stinkin' Code

Knock! Knock! An early Sunday morning rapping at the door usually means a visit from Agent Jones. There must be another code that needs your attention. It sure is tough being the best cryptologist in the country.

Agent Jones enters, and as you pour him a cup of coffee, he tells his story:

There are several indications that something bad is due to happen in about a week. The “chatter” throughout the spy networks is particularly strong. Recent indications are that the spies might be associated with a certain pet store on the outskirts of the city. The CIA broke in and searched the place last Sunday evening, but could find no evidence. They managed, however, to bug the business computer in hopes of finding out some information. Then came a break! On Wednesday the pet store received a very curious encoded e-mail. This e-mail came from an anonymous source traced to a local library’s public internet terminal.

“We don’t want the shop owner, a Mr. Matthew Osgood Harree, to become suspicious,” says Jones. “We don’t think Mr. Harree knows we’ve searched his business, or even that he is under surveillance at all. Perhaps our information is wrong and this is just an innocent pet operation. But the coded message leads us to think otherwise.”

“Any ideas what the spies might be targeting?” You ask Jones.

"There are three events, all scheduled for next Sunday. First is the annual Supreme Court Swim Meet for Charity. All the justices are expected to be at the health club pool. Second, the First Lady is going to be pinning a medal on little Tina Weeks. She’s the Girl Scout who sold the most cookies this past year. Finally, the spring softball game and picnic for members of Congress and their aides is to be held at Millard Fillmore Memorial Park in Downtown DC.

“They could be attacking any of these events…or maybe something else. Unless you can decode the message, I fear the bad guys will succeed!”

Can you do it?


TebBCZcH YjF WnCZ RmbBDMq A SkAGchIF Oi AMFneQeF. DK NAE SAelH TlcNn! TlcT CLaFsHE DAdCHM PafJdaAFb BPqYqCchM FCIm AMFa. OFc OAkMqSkMqN WnCZ PgfH TlcH Ue FLcb YjF Oa MBajcX. YjF CbM IeAIFkcS OFc AFbIFa BW TlcDI SflKZ FeBFhK SemJf TsSZeZD. NiSd SBgjcX, Tlc EDbALoZIFl, OFc VqIAbBFb KbCZgM AMFa WnCZ BC RmGgdRna AS Tlc CLagKmNZjFamK PgfKef. YjF KCAH WogS TlgS MhdME? GHZkbWt CLagKmNZ!

can this code be broken without the assistance of a computer program?

intarweb man:

From our experience, the spies do not usually use computers to decipher their codes. After all, they might be on the lam and need to decipher a message when no computer is handy.

No, we believe that the spies, and those trying to thwart them, can simply use paper and a pencil with a good eraser.

Our spies may be cold-blooded killers, but their codes are generally fair.

I’m going to have to ask my roommate to decipher this, he’s the one that loves codes…actually I think I have a website that might help me.

Better bring the Raid on this raid! We could nab the killers at the pet shop tomorrow, then deliver a benign substitute cargo next week to catch those snake-faces. What do you think of that for a plan?

Agent Jones is elated with the plan, which he orders to be carried out immediately.

“Once again our country owes You a debt of gratitude. I look forward to the arrest of the infamous Matt O. Harree.”

Jones continues: “We were concentrating most of our attention on the Swim Meet, and I think we would have missed the attack elsewhere when it occurred. But now, thanks to you, these spies won’t be bugging us for much longer.”

“All in a day’s work,” You say, as You offer Jones another cup of coffee. “All in a day’s work.”