Just watched a documentary on “sungazing”. Any body have any first-hand knowledge of this? Do you know anyone who does it and claims to have benefitted from it without damaging their eyes?
The founder of one of the institutes (HRM) claims he doesn’t even need to eat although he admitted later that he does actually consume some food at times.

It’s total bullshit.

Flim-flam, bosh and twaddle. Last I checked, humans cannot photosynthesize no matter how much we want to wish for it.

Made me laugh. A sedentary person dumps about 2400 watt-hours in a day. In direct sunlight, the eyes receive maybe 1-2 watts each. Even if we suppose their eyes couldconvert sunlight to metabolically useful energy, it would supply a negligible portion of the recipient’s total caloric requirement.

first “planking,” then “owling,” now this. I never cease to be amazed at how many dumb people will copy what other dumb people are doing.

They are preaching some dangerous shit.

According to the documentary there are congregations of people even churches that routinely stare for up to 44 minutes either at dawn or sunset. How are they not going blind? Some do it for other reasons, not just sustenance, they claim a deeply spiritual and life changing experience.

At dawn and sunset the light is weakest - anyone can look at a sunset without eye protection. Did they have an opthamologist examine them for incipent eye damage?
People “claim a deeply spiritual and life changing experience[s]” from just about anything a human can do, up to and including taking a dump. The phrase is meaningless.

Well, at least now I know what the ship’s doctor in the movie Sunshine was doing.

According to the documentary, there’s a witch that rides a broom around a castle made of emeralds and who commands flying monkeys.

To sate my curiosity, topaz, would you be able to give us the title of this documentary so we might have a chance to see just what it actually says? Not that I doubt your memory, but some things we like to see first-hand.

This seems legitimate to me. I’m kind of hungry right now, and the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds…LUNCHTIME!!!:cool:

I must admit I’m skeptical, but it would be nice to hear the “other side” from some practitioners of the art. Maybe one of them will fire up his voice recognition software and join the thread.

It’s called Eat the Sun. I half-watched it one day and quite enjoyed when one of the sungazers went to the eye doctor and found out how much damage he’d done to his eyes.

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If ever a movie’s tag line, needed a small post fix:


Are there exceptions? For instance,what about on a very clear day, maybe in a desert? I’ve seen sunsets that were still painfully dazzling, even when the sun is partially below the horizon!

What about days that are misty or overcast? I’ve heard it said you shouldn’t look at the sun, even if clouds or high fog reduce the brilliance so that it doesn’t hurt. The claim – maybe just an UL? – is that the harm is not always accompanied by any sense of dazzle or of pain.


P.S. I have a sextant, and use it on occasion…with the sun filters securely in place!

When I lived in Arizona, I worked with an idiot who bought into the whole vortex pseudo-religion. One of the things these morons did was called “sunning”. They’d go out at lunch and try to stare at the sun for awhile. My particular cow-orker bought a weird electronic contraption that was supposed to bring him a hot wife (Seriously). He was supposed to put pictures of representative babes into the “computer” and wait for his hottie to arrive.

(She never did.)

I wonder if these two practices are related?

My conspiracy-theory brother-in-law was a proponent of this. I don’t know if he still does it - he seems to eat a good dinner at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

Nitpick (as this is the SDMB): humans do photosynthesise vitamin D, but not actual foods.