Hey all,

My parents are starting to fall into this whole Sunrider( ) bussiness, apperently convinced by one of their distribution agents.

I did some extensive googling on them, trying to find out as much information as I can, but what I found were basically rehashes and quotes of the same dated NCAHF article and FDA warning.

For me, the fact that the founder of the company was already convicted of fraud and has a history of lying about his medical credentials is enough of a warning sign, but I wonder if any dopers have had experience with this company and maybe know more about it’s history, credibility and effectiveness(or the lack of it) of their products?

Thanks, Temporarius

Sounds a lot like the herbalife rip-off. Here’s some info from people who’ve investigated/fallen for that type of thing.

(You may want to also check ebay, newspapers, etc for people trying to flog off the stuff they can’t unload)

I used to order the Sunrider tea, Fortune Delight.

I loved that stuff. Loved it. Damn. I may just order some more.

As for the rest of the products, can’t say whether they work. But love that tea.