What's the straight dope on Dihydromyricetin (hangover cure)

I followed a clickbait article to an old kickstarter for a hangover cure. The kickstarter info said that the “active incredient” was dihydromyricetin, extracted from oriental raisin tree. Ends up there are lots of companies selling sketchy looking pills on Amazon, but nearest I can tell this has never come up on the SDMB.

The instructions aren’t to take it the next day, but to take it before or during a binge. The only study I could find is here, which suggests some merit to the idea, but that was 5 years ago and I haven’t heard anything about this stuff before today.

Anyone tried it? Is there more information out there?

I got nothing, but if it was truly a miracle hangover cure some legitimate company would be making millions on it by now…

I have a cure for hangover…works everytime…Don’t get drunk…so easy

Eh, what legitimate company. Like a drug company? Or a legitimate supplement company? If it’s able to be sold OTC as a supplement right now, I’m not sure why big pharma would spend the money for FDA approval. I’m also not sure what a legitimate supplement company looks like, they all seem like snake oil salesmen to me.