sunscreen article

This is actually regarding the illustration, not the article. Why are there two phalli attached to the woman’s chest? Is this supposed to be a representation of a particularly horrible skin cancer?

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I think you’re referring to the chick under the umbrella. I believe that represents a topless woman who is not growing cancers by staying in the shade. The protruding nature of her breasts is a bit of whimsy on the part of Slug. Either that, or somehow it’s really cold on that beach.

There probably is, but if we did disable it the message board would be extremely boring.

Irishman: the word you are looking for is “perky”.

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Regarding the column, there are a lot more reasons skin cancer has been rising besides the sunscreen issue.

  1. MIGRATION to the sunbelt. The sunbelt states have seen the biggest population growth.
  2. People live longer. So, old age problems like skin cancer are more of a problem.
  3. Less clothing. People wear less clothing than they used to. Bikinins, speedos, shorts, etc. More skin is exposed.
  4. Lifestyle. People may tend to be outdoors more these days. Lesiure and Sports are more popular–tennis, golf, swimming, etc. Although, there is less farming.

I personally would disagree with number 4. I imagine that more and more people work indoors, protected from the sun, and much of modern entertainment is also indoors (movies - video games - fitness centres - etc…)

Hafta agree. I have to make a point of getting outside…I think thats becomming a more common thought.

The Ryan - I don’t think that there is a way for an individual user to disable the submit button temporarily. You can ask over at “About This Message Board” to know for sure.

To me, it does not look so much like a woman, as a huge Lizard Being, with a giant Eye, with an umbrella protruding from her mouth. Or am I wrong here?