What is it with all these bras?

It’s damned hot around here lately. Sensible people would be shedding clothes down to the legal minimum. So I’m seeing tank tops and tube tops and halter tops and every woman wearing one is also wearing a bra! Not even a comfortable bra, if that isn’t contradictory. No, they’re wearing these heavy, uplifting medieval torture devices on their chests. Is cleavage at all costs that important? Doesn’t anybody realize that breasts of any size or shape are attractive? And that erect nipples and the prospect of a glance down their blouse will get them a boyfriend faster than just about anything? And that fungal welts where the straps go are a massive turnoff?

I just LOVE fungal welts.

dropzone…sweetie…did you just spend an incredibly frustrating day out in the hot sun? :wink:

On the plus side, I now know why my SO acts a little anxious when I wear something a little low cut! :smiley:

Hmmmmm, 95 in the shade, after rebuilding the carburator and absorbing a half a gallon of gas through my skin I finally got pissed enough at trying to keep my lawnmower running that I bought a new one, was vetoed by Wife when I threatened to buy an electric mower, realized that if I DID mow the lawn I’d die like a Minnesota Viking.

Yep. You know so much it sounds like you were there.

People keep telling me a man invented the bra. I say he must’ve been off his rocker. What’s better than a pair of breasts swinging free underneath a thin shirt? So instead of wearing big, clunky medieval bras, I say, swing free!

Don’t get me started on erect nipples. The only way you’ll get me to stop is with a sledgehammer. And even then it’ll be a challenge.

In the heat, I usually try to avoid a bra, because I can’t stand the heat and sweat. I always make sure that the top I’m wearing covers me pretty well, though. I’m kind of modest that way. :smiley:

Does this mean I should exercise sans bra tomorrow? And every day thereafter?

[sub]bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce[/sub]

Perhaps one of the main reason a lot of women wear bras even in the hot hot sun, is because it hurts not to wear one. Those babies need support. My other half did offer to walk around all day being my personal support, but it’s just not that convenient to have a man holding your breasts while you’re trying to do your weekly shoppping.

So why not just wear a bra? To heck with the tank top or tube top or any other kind of top. Women in hot weather should just wear bra and panties.

So let it be written so let it be done.

Not me. I’m anti-bra whenever possible.

I love you people.

Mnem, could I just check… do you like boobies?

The ones I’m talking about don’t really require much support. The bra is there as much for augmentation as anything. No longer is the function to “lift and separate” as it is to “lift and push together to give the impression of cleavage that wouldn’t be there otherwise, as if that really mattered to those people who like bosoms of all sorts.”

God love ya, **BG[/]! I am, too. But now I have no choice but to picture those puppies swinging in the breeze…[sub]drool[/sub]

dropzone, maybe they are waiting for you to go around without your briefs/boxers on?

Going braless was a 60’s thing, I remember those bra burners-they were fun. The women got cooler & the guys got hotter. shrug.

Yeah, but a guy can get nostalgic, can’t he?

Peasant blouses without bras! Major DROOL!

I’m definately flattered, but they don’t, er swing anywhere. I’m not generously endowned enough to swing. Don’t get me wrong…I’m very pleased with my handful but…oh forget it!

Thanks, I’m flattered! :smiley: I’ll leave it at that.

First of all, forgetting about your woobies would be an exercise in futility. And anything more than a handful is a waste.

The bra was invented by a very thoughtful man named Brassiere.

His invention that now comes in every shape and size serves many purposes besides the aforementioned support / enhancement.

Without the bra happily married guys like myself would run a much higher risk of beatings when our eyes are drawn to that area below the neck. Only a fool with a deathwish would honestly answer dreaded question #2 which is “What are you looking at?” Dreaded question #1 is “Does this make me look fat”. Page 2 of the Guy’s handbook clearly states that no man should ever honestly answer DQ#2 and should claim he was looking at anything else. In the case of DQ#1 there is NO right answer.

Breasts are already enough of a distraction, unfettering them makes them even moreso. We are slaves to our hormones and as such are not responsible for our actions.

And Superdude… Haven’t you read page 321, section B? It states that “More than a handful is NOT a waste as most of us were born with two hands and a mouth. Those who have suffered amputation are exempt from this ruling.”

I expect that I will once again get a memo from the disciplinary council for giving out this information.

My favorite sexist-male comment to utter when spotting a braless woman: Turkey’s done! :smiley: