Braless women

The hot weather is coming back, and every year I notice the hotter it gets, the less women wear bras.

Many braless women also wear clothing that’s loose-fitting, with lots of wide open openings. Like necklines with plenty of slack, or sleeveless tops with deep armholes. When they wear these clothes while braless, it’s ridiculously easy to see their bare breasts, nipples and all. (Not that I’m intending to be a voyeur or anything, but hey it’s all out in the open.)

Last year there was a Russian lady giving computer instruction in the public library who never wore a bra and always wore a Slavic peasant blouse with a wide-open neckline. Every time she sat down it was impossible not to see her tiny little breasts and pointy nipples revealed to the public view.

What do women think who go braless in public like this? I am wondering what’s in their minds. I’ve tried to guess their thoughts. Possibly:

  1. They’re unaware that they’re making a bare breast display and would be shocked to find out the truth.
  2. They know what they’re showing but don’t care one way or the other whether anyone looks or not. They just want to be comfortable in the hot weather.
  3. Opal always goes braless. :wink:
  4. They’re simply exhibitionists.

But I don’t know. I’ve never asked one in person. Maybe our braless Doper babes can share their thoughts?

Bras are uncomfortable and collect sweat and if I don’t have to wear one I’m not going to.

that’s my reason

Geez, man, shut up! Bare breasties are good things! Don’t make them cover up!:slight_smile:

[feminist hat on]

Interesting how the male gaze drives all the assumptions behind these questions.

[/feminist hat on]

As a fellow straight guy, I understand that it can be difficult, but eye contact is a really, really good thing to practice. :slight_smile:

I nev-ah go outdoors without my corset, corset cover, petticoat, “Lillian Russell Health Bustle” and chemise!

Another Penthouse letter so soon after the last one?

So does your doctor wear a bra?

As a person who neither owns nor “needs” a bra (in that, unlike some women, I can go braless without discomfort), my attitude is thus:

a) I can’t get comfortable in a bra. It’s like thong underwear; works for some folks, but when I wear one, I can feel it all day. Besides, as I mentioned, I don’t have any boobies.

b) Because I do not wear a bra, I choose clothing accordingly. In other words, I don’t wear anything too sheer or too “loose”, so as to avoid “peep-shows”.

c) Am I aware that some things I wear (a tank top, for example) make it obvious to the casual observer that I am braless? Yes. But I don’t get any sort of exhibitionist “jollies” from it. In fact, unless I’m in the process of choosing a new top or dress for myself, I don’t really think about it…

…although I do carry a sweater in case it gets too cold in the restaurant, so as not to poke the server’s eye out. :eek:

I almost always wear a bra, but I am generally oblivious to what my clothes are doing. I have several times been mortified to realize my neckline is gaping when I bend over (thus giving a view of cleavage and very unsexy support garment).

There is no doubt in my mind that some of these women you are seeing (staring at) are exhibitionists. There is also no doubt that some of them are just more comfortable without a bra and clueless as to how their clothes are arranging themselves.

Whether it is initially the intent or not, boobies are going to attract the attention of guys. If a woman decides to go dorsal commando, she’s gotta know that men will be noticing.

Now I’m not saying she should be looked down on, or that she is inviting rude comments or obvious leers. None of that is right, and any person who does those things is an boorish lout.

Whether women go braless due to the heat, just for comfort, or whatever, it seems disingenuous to deny that the male gaze should not be factored into her decision.

I also don’t wear underpants.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Who said you could steal my post? :smiley:

You snooze, you lose. :wink:

Summery clothes are not always designed for wearing a bra underneath - some halter tops look ridiculous with straps showing.

And it feels good, like bare feet on concrete on a hot day.

Personally, I can’t understand the braless run around. I like to wear a bra, it puts everything in its place and a girl looks fuller if she is held up correctly. Plus it just isn’t cool to bounce whenever you walk or point whenever you get a chill. It’s just not classy. Unless you have a shirt that is low back or something that ask for no bra then you should probably wear one. I swear britney AND mariah would look better if they wore one once in awhile.

 Take care. Be well. God Bless**

The what exactly did marge eat and extrude?

I wear my bra to school…but I don’t care where I am or what I am doing, I will not wear a hot, uncomfortable, sweaty bra on the weekends. It freaks my husband out, “People can’t see your boobies do that (meaning bounce, I guess) they’re my boobies!”
Well, yes, but when I go braless it’s for comfort, and I just don’t care if I’m “putting on a show”. Maybe I should? But there are other things to worry about. What people think of my breasts is not one of them.

Well SOMETIMES I wear underpants…but not if I can help it.

Please don’t say things like this.
I’m having a really hard time getting the image of someone smoking underwear out of my head. And I don’t like it. It sounds like some sexual perversion that I don’t share. Although god knows there’s probably a site devoted to smoking underwear out there, somewhere.

Well, I dress for comfort, which means bras are absolutely not an option except on the rarest of occasions. I certainly try to avoid unintentional exhibitionism, but you don’t always notice what your clothes are doing, and I’ve got plenty of more important things to worry about.

No harm in brightening up some guy’s day, anyhow.

Zigackly! Ferpectly right!